Vicious knife attack by Uber Slasher, but Uber bosses still say get rid of regs!

Even after the attack by the Uber Slasher on an innocent victim, leaving him lying in a pool of blood with a 5  inch gash in his neck, Uber lobbyist Mark MacGann was still spouting Ubertripe in CityAM yesterday.   Get rid of all regs., it will leave a nice level playing field,  and we will make billions much faster, said brain dead Mark.uber13UK Uber boss Jo Bertram has always given the same slick reply. Fix it so black cabs don’t have to follow any regs. either! That way we will all be on the same (disgracefully low) level, make loadsa money, and the attacks on the public can be shovelled under the Ubercarpet by our PR!

The arrogance, selfishness and irresponsibility of this attitude is breathtaking. TfL regulations are to protect the safety of the customer, something that doesn’t even register with the avaricious, money grubbing duo who pose as Uber bosses. And so called ethical papers like CityAM back Uber because they too are only all about money, to hell with public safety! Do our PM and George Osborne ever think of the safety consequences of flooding London with hardly checked PHV drivers?

If Muhaydine Mire had gone through the same medical checks as black cab drivers, he never would have been allowed a licence in a million years.  He had been hospitalised for three months for paranoia.  He was seeing demons, went beserk with a knife, at Leytonstone tube station and now is on an attempted murder charge.

In the Standard are details of another rape by another minicab driver.  When will Uber boses wake up to  the fact that business is not only about making money?  Taxi regulations are to provide customers with the safety they deserve. How many rapes and how many attacks will have to happen before this vital message penetrates the thick skulls of Uber bosses and before it gets through to George Osborne he is putting lives at risk?

7 responses to “Vicious knife attack by Uber Slasher, but Uber bosses still say get rid of regs!

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  3. nice post Angela, Thanks

    can you unblock me on twitter ? .please

  4. CITYAM = dishonest journalists who are bought.

    • I enjoy reading CityAM but am shocked at the way they spout Uberspeak without any attempt to consider safety regulations, the dreadful way Uber treats their drivers and a hold of other vital issues.

      CityAM is biased in the extreme re. Uber, and it is totally disgusting.

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