Terrorist tube slasher was an Uber driver

In another blow to the reputation of controversial US cab service Uber, the terrorist knife slasher at Leytonstone tube, who launched at unprovoked knife attack is an Uber driver, who had images and information relating to Syria on his phone.slasher29 year old Muhaydin Mire is on an attempted murder charge after slashing a 56 year old man in the throat from behind, leaving such an awful 5 inch wound, the victim was in surgery for five hours.

Mire’s brother said he arrived from Somalia as a child at the age of 12, went to school in Camden, and at first was a good boy who loved football.  Then he got in with the wrong crowd.

The Daily Mail reported: “He said that his brother developed mental health problems after smoking cannabis and said he began working as an Uber driver, before his health deteriorated once again.  ‘He went a bit crazy, he was saying odd things,’ he said. ‘I explained to the family the situation, we tried to get him help, we tried to call the local authority.

‘They could not help him, they said he was not a harm to people and he was not a harm to himself.  There was no mention of radicalisation”.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Mire’s family had serious concerns about his mental health three weeks earlier and wanted him committed under the Mental Health Act, because he was saying weird things and said he was seeing demons.

Mire’s brother said said that he developed mental health problems after smoking cannabis. “He was diagnosed by a doctor and treated in 2007 for paranoia and [treated] in hospital for three months.”

His past medical history was clearly no barrier to him being taken on as an Uber driver afterwards.  Black cab drivers have to have medical checks and must produce regular medical reports.  Someone with a history of mental illness like Muhaydin Mire, would never have been allowed to become a black cab driver, or continue if he developed mental problems.

There are growing concerns that since there is known to be laxity over Uber drivers’ criminal checks, terrorists might take jobs with Uber.

11 responses to “Terrorist tube slasher was an Uber driver

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  2. Steve’s here, standing up for Uber again I see. Not surprising, being as Steve considers touting to be fine (yep, for Steve, it’s fine for single women to get into a complete strangers car, not pre-booked, and not a licensed black taxi).
    Hey Steve, how long have black taxis been around? How long have Uber been around? How many examples of terrorists are there for each? Are you getting the picture?

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    • https://cyberboris.wordpress.com/2015/12/08/terrorist-tube-slasher-was-an-uber-driver/

      Guido’s article misses my point. The Uber Slasher would never have been allowed to become a BC driver. BC drivers have medical checks, and regular checkups. they have to be registered with the doctor doing the checks for at least 12 months.

      Anyone with the history of mental illness of Mr. Mire would not have come within a million miles of a black cab. The much despised regs. that Mark MacCann dismisses so blithely are for a vital purpose. To keep the public safe.

    • It obviiously isn’t happening re. Uber drivers, is it Steve? Or someone with a history of psychotic episodes, who saw demons, would certainly not have been given a licence. I am informed by black cab drivers Uber are avoiding TfL regs. altogether, they also ignore the rules of the road, park illegally, etc. etc.

      This is the whole problem, isn’t it Steve? Uber is against regulation. CityAM printed an article this morning from Martin MacGann, Uber PR, saying ALL regs. should be banned to provide “a level playing field”. He went on to say how much money he would make if that happened.

      But the assault from the Uber Slasher, seriously mentally ill for months, shows why we need regs.m and badly. For customer safety, so they don’t endanger themselves climbing into the cab of someone who is clearly very very ill indeed.

      This incident shows more clearly than anything else ever could how wrong and irresponsible and greedy Uber bosses are to continually insist No more regs, and lets make loadsa money!

  4. Perhaps the new hashtag should be #YouAintNoUberDriverBruv !

  5. Well we know Uber hire anybody. It was only a matter of time. I suppose its too much to expect that Uber might have noticed something odd….

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