Why will Corbyn not reveal his policy for dealing with Daesh?

It is incredible that as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has not told us how he would deal with Daesh. It is not a strategy to say he does not approve of the air strikes. Just a day after the appalling death of good hearted cabbie Alan Henning, Corbyn said his death was the result of  “interference and jingoism”. Again, criticism of our participlation in ME wars is not a strategy.corbyn2According to the Sunday Telegraph, and every other reputable authority, Daesh (ISIS) cannot be reasoned with.  Their aim is not ultimate peaceful coexistence. The aim of the organisation is world domination, achieved by their favourite occupation, killing, in as cruel a way as possible.

As leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn needs to make clear to the country what his strategy is regarding Daesh, because although it is  highly unlikely, any leader of the Labour Party might one day, be Prime Minister.

There is abundant evidence from beheadings, crucifixions, child rape, child murder, torturings, jihadi gang bangs and other unspeakably evil practices, that Daesh, are as Boris Johnson has said, a nihilistic death cult, who wishes to impose a Caliphate on the world.   Either you convert to Islam and become a jihadi or you are slaughtered.  Even Napoleon, even the Nazis would have blenched at such pitiless annihilation.

The longer the West does nothing, the more powerful Daesh becomes, and they could get chemical weapons, or try germwarfare.  Bringing a peace solution to Syria will not solve the Daesh problem. So what is the Corbyn plan? Negotiate?  (totally impossible).   Sit here and hope they go away?  Let other countries do our fighting for us? Or wait until Daesh is here in vast numbers and then decide.

As a party leader, Corbyn must have a strategy.  And his pals Ken Livingstone and George Galloway must have a strategy too.  George Galloway has already converted to Islam.

Jezza insists he will attend the Stop The War fundraiser, that backs ISIS  and blames the West for the Hebdo massacre. Will Corbyn and Red Ken be following his example, with an eye to ruling the UK Caliphate?

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