The PM and Osbo have created traffic chaos. They need to tell Londoners why

It is not true, as many black cab drivers seem to think, that the Mayor of London is all powerful.  There are many things that the Mayor cannot influence.  Train services such as Southern Rail, are one example, the trains have been privatised since 1993. boriscute11The powers of the Mayor are explained in this article, click here.

Under the heading  Specific Powers is this sentence.

However, if the Mayor’s plans are in contradiction with UK national policy, the Secretary of State can otherwise direct the Mayor’s policy.

Boris Johnson has been very successful on many vital issues in talking the government round to his way of thinking.

He set the blueprint for the London economy, which was successfully copied by Georrge Osborne for the UK.  He has also persuaded the government to investment in infrastructure.  His biggest battle was over Crossrail, which George Osborne originally opposed. It is Boris who created Osbo’s present enthusiasm for infrastructure.

But regarding Uber, Boris has come up against a brick wall.  In spite of of his most persuasive and powerful arguments, George and Dave insist they are calling the shots on Uber.  This decision is causing a lot of pain and suffering.  It is their decision, not Boris’s,  to flood London with PHVs,  putting the living of every BC driver and PHV driver in jeopardy.  Rapes and assaults on women have hugely increased, but TfL, ordered by Osbo is refusing to release the figures.  What is behind it is anybody’s guess.

Nobody in politics is independent.  If the Mayor occasionally has to listen to the government, the PM and Chancellor have to listen to their MPs who vote on their plans in Parliament. David Cameron lost a vote over Syria over a year ago.  The Chancellor was defeated over tax credit cuts.

The chaos is entirely the fault of Osbo and the Prime Minister. They have taken over the Uber issue and Osbo now directs TfL regarding Uber.   In fairness, they owe London an explanation.

20 responses to “The PM and Osbo have created traffic chaos. They need to tell Londoners why

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  5. To be honest though Angela, it’s all very well sending the messenger, but Boris needs to be upfront and clearly state his case. Other than a few savvy cabbies, who would know what was going on? Do you really think it’s unusual that taxi drivers (might) feel there’s a covert agenda against them. Does Leon Daniels really like cabbies? Those who know Boris also know he is an expert at mascarade grandiose. Everyone, Cameron, Boris TFL, even the bureaucrats at the LTDA (yes, they’re not exempt) are incredibly hidden, scratching around in weak regulation to justify their (hands are tied) inactivity.

    Seriously, Boris’ proposals on 20th Jan- and subsequent implementation- will be the day we see IF the leopard has changed his spots.

    I’m willing to accept he has, but the proof is in the pudding. Getting cabbies who have been cut to the bone on his watch to then propel him- instead of Osborne- to Number 10 would be quite something, huh?

    • Sean Boris has been upfront and stated his case.

      • If he’s being upfront how about a nice big article in one of our trade papers or a half hour on lbc with his pal Nick Ferrari talking about why his hands are tied by the goverment i don’t mean a phone in just an explanation. Deep down i think Boris isn’t a bad bloke but he has taken he’s eye of the ball with the taxi/minicab situation and it’s about to cost some of us our livleyhoods, he is a really big figure in politics in britain , i reckon probabley one of if not the most well known , for instance walk down a high street anywhere in britain and pull out two photos one of Boris and one of Osbourne then ask RANDOM teenagers to name them . Boris would score in the 90%’s osbourne probabley in the low 20%’s. He’s a big hitter and doesn’t have to suck up to the PM like the others , so if he’s truley sorry for what has happened then be up front about it and name and shame people, because somewhere along the line there are holidays,theatre tickets and suitcases stuffed full of cash involved in this and it needs to be exposed. Thing is we’re not militant or a mafia/monopoly we are all indivdual sole traders that operate under rules and tariffs sent down by tfl who are the very same body that are allowing us to be ruined

      • Dave in the beginning,like Boris, I thought Uber was a good idea and healthy competition. Good to have a cheaper option for peoplewho couldn’t afford blalck cabs and the kids loved the app.

        Boris has to cater for ALL Londoners, and he shared the above attitude. How were we to know? It wasn’t a question of taking his eye off the ball. There was no way of knowing Uber were the type of company they are and the contempt with which they treat customers and their staff when they ignore public safety.

        It took a long time and a lot of research for me to get the full picture. Boris is now desperate to cap them and pile on the regulation. He has further meetings with Osbo soon, to make these points.

        I have gone from thinking, they are the cabs of the future to believing they are spawned by the Devil. The way Uber bosses treat their drivers is absolutely disgusting, for that reason alone the Gov. should have nothing to do with them.

  6. What’s behind it ???
    Money of course
    Our government operates on this issue
    like we are a third world country.
    How many rules have be broken ?

  7. The buck stops with Boris. This is all his doing so i don’t know why you have had a sudden change of heart and now ‘love’ black cabbies. Boris is complicit in this and the governments corruption

    • This is not all his doing. At first, like me, Boris thought Uber was a good idea, option for people who could not afford BC fares.
      Then he found out what Uber was really like. So did I, so I changed my mind. Even thought I thought at first Uber WAS a good idea, I loved black cabs then, always have.

      As soon as Boris started to get tough with Uber, George Osborne and PM decided they would manage Uber. They can do that, it’s the law and nothing Boris can do. If you want links, they are on my twitter feed. don’t really care if you believe me or not.

      In this case, the buck stops with George and Dave, not Boris, so No he is not complicit, do some research FGS.

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  9. Maybe but boris is directley responsible for carving up londons main roads to accomadate cyclists. Causing Permanent traffic chaos to those roads and the surrounding areas. I drove through Elelphant and castles at 2.30 am on the 29th of November and it was gridlocked due to boris johnsonsons vanity project,also last wednesday it took 35 mins to get from tower bridge north side to southwark bridge at 2pm ( hardley a peak time) this should normally take 4-5mins maximum. This was totally due to the senceless cycle scheme that is being carried out,all of the surrounding streets are gridlocked with drivers trying to avoid what Boris has created, this is just two examples of the chaos in central london but the list is endless . So blaming uber for the traffic in the westend and other late night areas is one thing that is true but i’m afraid Boris needs to look alot closer to home before pushing all the blame away from himself. Thanks for listening. Sorry for any mistakes in my spelling grammar or punctuation . As letter writing isn’t my field of expertise , it’s the roads and traffic of london as i am a black cabbie and have forgotten more about how the roads and traffic of london work than any of the “experts” at TFLwill ever know

    • Yes he is David, and he will be doing more. Do you know the annual death rate from pollution? 9,500, many of them children.
      Do you know how many kids are now affected by pollution, which is higher than that allowed by the EU? 328,000!

      The cycling superhighways might be unpopular right now, but they will continue! We need them to get people out of private cars and onto bikes. Also they help obesity.

      • Yes lots of people may die from inhaling toxic fumes from engines , but cutting down road space and pushing cars into bottle necks causes more jams and more pollution . I’m sorry Angela but i do this for a living and i’ve watched the traffic get worse and worse as we are constantley funneled into the major trank roads, due to medelling beaurocrats and there ridiculous traffic mangement schemes.

  10. Boris needs to be more vocal, Angela. Cabbies have been telling him this for what seems like an eternity. Unless he is expressly overt, it is difficult to believe that there isn’t a covert agenda with Dave and Osbo

    • Black cab drivers need to read what Boris writes Sean. He has made the situation very clear. If you wont read it, it is not his fault. I am tired of dishing out links when people don’t bother to keep up.

      There is a group of people who want to blame him, as he is an easy target. They are not going to believe the truth. He has told you the situation and endlessly lobbied to cap PHVs. A major problem is some of you won’t accept he is all powerful. That is why I explain here and I urge you to click the link explaining his powers.
      Articles Boris has written explaining are on my website. Have also tweeted a tweet from TfL saying they keep lobbying for the cap. Who do you think is refusing.

      Some cabbies have a suspicious mindset and will not accept the truth if Christ came down and repeated it. Nothing I can do.

    • YOU need to be more vocal. Your only hope is to shame Osborne into stopping the flood of PHVs through public opinion. But hardly any of you attack him. Why not? You should tell him in your thousands. This is your only hope.
      What is the pont of telling Boris when he agrees with you, but there is nothing he can do about it?

    • Boris really stuck his neck out for you all. Massive battle. It’s easy for you to say “Boris needs to……..” how fucking dare you blame him, you “need to” launch all out attack on George and Dave but you would never do that would you. You don’t have the guts.

    • Did you even bother to read the above article? The Government take over certain issues if they strongly disagree with what the Mayor is doing. They DID, took issue of Uber away from Boris.

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