Pollution kills. We need the cycling superhighways

The number of people who die per annum from pollution is 9,500. Also, 328,ooo kids suffer from pollution that is now higher than that allowed by the EU.  Boris Johnson cannot allow this to continue.  Now, through a late judicial review, the LTDA is trying to stop the Embankment cycling superhighway.boriskidsThe Standard reported: “The LTDA has now lodged an application for a judicial review on the grounds that TfL should have sought planning permission before beginning construction, as opposed to the highway being allowed to fall under permitted development rules”. This application failed, but they are appealing.

Mr Moffatt said cabbies’ main grievance was the distruption caused by the building of the highway.

He said: “We’re in favour of safe cycling like everybody else but we can’t quite understand what the mayor and TfL are trying to do by gridlocking the roads. It could have been done in a better way and kept traffic moving.”

The newspaper said the response has been absolute outrage from cyclists, many of whom swore never to use black cabs again.  There has been a lot of griping against the superhighways in general from some black cab drivers on twitter.

The objections of the LDTA are here, but to the rest of us, it looks like sheer bloodymindedness.  The cycling superhighways are desperately needed to prevent more deaths, from cycling accidents and from cyclists getting killed.

ITV News says City Hall has commented they are fully confident they can fight any challenge on the Embankment superhighway.

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