Fire fighters’ arguments that cuts were wrong go up in flames

Ever since Boris Johnson and James Cleverley fought for and won over fire cuts, fire fighters have never stopped complaining on twitter. Fortunately to see how right Boris was, you only have to look at the facts.boriscleverleyFires are down nearly 60%.  Even better, over the last five years, deaths by fire have halved.  In the last year alone,  fire deaths are down by a further 30%.

Fire fighters are making much of a recent tragic death in Camden, but top fire chief Ron Dobson has made it clear that this death was not caused by fire cuts.  The reasons are here.  Ron Dobson has been consulted every step of the way, and he backs every single closure and cut. He accepts that most firefighters are moonlighting and have two jobs.

Fires are down because of better fire alarms, flame resistant furniture, even oven chips make a difference.

Fire fighters are still  lobbying for the return of 13 fire engines, but since Ron Dobson has pointed out  they have not been used for 2 years, the answer is No.

Left wing LSE Prof. Tony Travers says that fire cuts are necessary and they will continue for a decade,whoever is Mayor.

Labour politicians have said they will not be reversing fire cuts either.

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