Ubermad George is losing it! Now he authorises UberPool

Maybe it’s because the scheming and bully boy business tactics of Uber strike an answering chord in our bully boy, scheming Chancellor. After all,  this is the man who threatened the Mayor of London that come May 2016, he would “smash him to smithereens”. Has George looked at London traffic recently?  Because against all common sense, and giving yet another underhand slap to black cab drivers, Osbo has authorised Uberpool.georgesneerIs Osbo insane?  On London Tonight, Nina Hossain kept repeating helplessly, But won’t this mean even more cars on the road? as the brightly smiling Uber PR man lied his way through the interview.

It’s not just the congestion.  In tonight’s London Standard, the headline is Toxic Air Threat to London Pupils. 328,000  schoolkids are exposed to pollution that breaches the EU limit.

And then there is the safety issue. At the moment,  Uber is involved in 173 legal cases.

Uber is said to use extremely aggressive tactics such as bullying and hiring investigators to “dig up dirt” on journalists who criticize them. Portland, Oregon’s transportation commissioner called Uber management “a bunch of thugs”. An Uber driver described the company as “greedy and corrupt.  They have totally tricked their drivers.” Most Uber drivers live in their cars and are earning below the minimum wage.

Many countries either discourage people from using ride sharing services, have banned them,  are restricting them, or are suing Uber.   details are here.

UberPool has cataclysmic disaster written all over it.  How long will it be before the entire Ubermess blows up in Osbo’s face? Everyone can see it but George.  And with this sort of judgement, he is handling the economy?

Note re. the Mayor’s powers

Under Specific Powers, read point 4.

If the Mayor’s plans are different to those of the government, the government can override him.

4 responses to “Ubermad George is losing it! Now he authorises UberPool

  1. Ride-sharing should be good for the environment and should reduce congestion. Bring it on.

    • If it worked it would be. Unfortunately, like all Uber schemes, it sounds great in theory, but is a disaster in practice.

      More than any other , Uber ride sharing schemes have caused the most problems. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_Uber's_service

      There are huge safety issues.

      It is always the same problem with Uber. They are greedy for money, pushes to the limit, but wastes little or no time on training schemes or safety regulations.

      London crammed to the limit with PHVs as it is. Uber is a ticking time bomb about to blow up in George Osborne’s face.

    • How exactly will 600 private hire licenses being dished out like smarties every week – oh, and UBERFOOL on top of that – reduce congestion, Steve?

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