The reason for a 5 minute waiting period for Uber

The five minute waiting period is the most queried regulation in the new tougher regulations proposed for Uber by the LTDA.uber12A black cab driver #AndyCabb, explains as follows:

“It is not because we have extra costs that gives us the right to ply for hire and be hailed down in the street. It is because we have the necessary skills needed to pick up and safely set off for the destination immediately.

The principle behind PHV needing to be pre booked is that it gives the unskilled driver time to find his pick up, park safely and properly, look up his destination and plan a proper and reasonable route with the aid of a satnav if necessary.

It’s the same principle that should determine that PHV fares should be fixed fares in case the unskilled driver veres away from the correct route.”

Cab driver #AndyCab

Thank you Andy,  this makes sense.

27 responses to “The reason for a 5 minute waiting period for Uber

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  2. Single females especially should NEVER get in a minicab that’s touting. Sense seems to completely elude you, Steve.

  3. Touting is fine with Steve, apparently. That’s the kind of people who defend Uber, folks!

    • ‘Tout’, verb, intransitive: ‘To look out busily for customers; to solicit custom, employment, etc. importunately’. Unless it constitutes a nuisance, I see nothing wrong with that in a free society.

      • Err, because it’s not pre-booked? Because it’s the ideal thing for a criminal to do? Laws and rules and regulations are there for a very good reason.

  4. About touting, Steve… which Uber drivers do plenty of.

    “Your minicab is classified as unbooked and unsafe, if:

    A private hire or minicab driver approaches you on the street

    You approach a minicab driver on the street directly, and they accept your journey without a booking – even if the driver is licensed by us

  5. This video sums up Uber fairly well.
    “The Uber Driver Interview… If Uber Were Honest”

    • Great. That’s exactly how free markets work. People are attracted to a particular industry by the returns being earned by those already in the industry, but if too many people enter the industry the returns fall to a level where it is not worth while for some of the people involved (the least efficient producers), so they leave the industry. This process repeats until the market reaches equilibrium – every supplier is earning enough to justify staying in the industry and no one is losing money.

      • You wrote “Yep, touting is fine by me. What part of ‘free market’ do you not understand?”
        You’re confusing “free market” with illegal activities (as with your last comment too, as Uber is based on criminality). I’m starting to wonder if your being disingenuous is a form of trolling (if that’s the case, I suggest you look up scientific studies on trolling – Psychology Today has an article on that, as does Live Science, amoungst others. It’s not pretty). And if you’re not trolling, surely, you cannot be that dense? Either way, it’s not looking good for you.

        And clearly, it’s you who doesn’t understand it. Are you not aware that touting is…. illegal? That’s right, it’s illegal.

        “If you have information about touting or other illegal cab activity, please use this form. When submitting a report, please provide as much detail as possible about the incident or issue.”

        Uber’s criminality is fine with you, yes? Customer safety matters very little to you, obviously. Impressive, Steve.

      • I’m not at all OK with criminality. But, unlike you, I don’t take the law as a given. The law can be changed. There are many things that were once illegal but are now legal. Society could make a collective decision that touting should not be illegal (e.g. because there’s no rational reason to ban it), in which case it would cease to be criminality.


    Very true. Uber depend on the turnaround of Uber drivers who’ve fallen for Ubers BS about earnings. As reported – the turnaround of Uber drivers is a fast one.

    Uber driver (from the link angelnstar left above). “Once all the bills were settled such as the hire car, the diesel, the occasional fixed penalty charge notice, a minor scratch and various other small costs I was working for just under £5 per hour. This is before any other deductions such as TAX! I’m sure there are lots of other people like me out there who gave it a try based on the lies that Poober were propagating on how much money you could make!”

    ^ Similar stories have been reported elsewhere from Uber drivers. Plenty of examples.

  7. But then, it’s not like people haven’t been warned… and people are hearing more and more about just how unprofessional and dodgy Uber drivers often are, and what a vile company Uber is in general…

    “If you care about women, delete your Uber account”…

  8. Would you feel happy with your daughter jumping in any car whatsoever, Steve Doerr? How would you know it’s not someone posing as an Uber car in a Prius, touting? The 5 minute wait makes sense.
    Mind you, the behaviour – and driving is bad enough with Uber drivers as it is! Yet another example, just in today:
    “Uber driver ‘called woman black c*** and punched her after multiple drop-off row'”

    I’m really not sure why you support such a company that’s against regulations. Regulations that are there for a very good reason.

    • ‘How would you know it’s not someone posing as an Uber car in a Prius, touting?’

      I’m no expert on Uber (I’ve never used it), but I took a look at their web site. When you book a ride, you are told the name of the driver and his vehicle details, including registration number.

      Anyway, just as many people, especially women, would not consider hitch-hiking because of the risks of getting into a car with a stranger, so women are free to decide they won’t use Uber cars for the same reason.

  9. Also, Steve Doeer – “Boris Johnson, mayor of London, said the state has a duty to protect black cabbies in their war against the taxi-hailing app Uber because they “have been told that they, and they alone, will be able to ply for hire on the streets”….”

    • I know the question of whether the Uber app constitutes an illegal taximeter has been decided in a court of law (it doesn’t). So the next legal challenge will probably be over the definition of ‘ply for hire’. That will be an interesting one. I always thought the expression denoted driving around the streets making yourself available to be hailed as you pass, but I just checked the OED and the actual definition is ‘Of a porter, boatman, taxi-driver, etc.: to wait for hire; to have one’s stand at a certain place for hire or custom.’

      In any case, legal monopolies are a bit of a hangover from a past world of medieval guilds, etc. These days we believe in free markets, which means removing legal monopolies granted to privileged groups – don’t we? Just because the Cabbies’ Guild has had a legal monopoly since the days of King Alfred, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t sweep it away in the general tide of 21st-century liberalization. I’d even concede that there should be compensation out of public funds for loss of monopoly rights – a small price to pay for freedom and modernization.

  10. @Steve Doerr: “Pure protectionism” is what Uber has been getting. But then, that’s more likely to do with the fact that they have been crushing regulators worldwide…(one, shut down within 48 hours!)…

  11. A moment’s thought should show you why that comment was unworthy of you, Angela. Imagine the headline was ‘A young lady was racially and physically assaulted by a black man’: would that tell you something about all black men in general? I sincerely hope not.

    • On the contrary. The way you keep berating the cab trade andbigging up a dreadful, greedy, corrupt company like Uber, and that quote is from one of their drivers, isn’t worthy of you.

  12. Nearly all Uberdrivers are helpless without satnav. Thinking they can get themselves together in five minutes is wildly optimistic.
    This was just posted on twitter. One of many incidents, there was one yesterday.

    Angela @HotwaxAngie
    @angelneptustar @ballycab @standardramzy @guardian @TfLTPH
    A young lady was racially and physically assaulted by her Uber driver

    Backing Uber must make you feel very proud.

  13. Pure protectionism. Obviously, if it takes the driver 5 minutes to do those things, then there will be a natural 5-minute delay. If he can do those things in one minute, why shouldn’t he set off immediately?

    Angela: was it you who proposed that horseless carriages should be preceded by a man holding a red flag, to protect the livelihood of horse-cab drivers?

    • The top ten complaints about Uber. From Uber drivers.
      “Since working for Uber I have come to realise how greedy and corrupt this company is. They have totally tricked their drivers, and now a lot of them are struggling to earn enough money.”
      WTTennant, Uber driver
      You should be ashamed Steve.

      • Sorry. I don’t understand why this is anything other than a normal free-market situation: if you find that Uber or any other firm is a bad firm to do business with, you can choose not to do business with them. Unless actual crime is involved, it’s not a matter for the law at all. NO ONE IS FORCED TO BE A UBER DRIVER IF THEY DON’T WANT TO.

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