How George Osborne is taking black cab drivers for mugs

You have to hand it to  Osbo! He may be struggling with the job of Chancellor, but as a backstabber and schemer he has no rival.Right now, he is bleeding black cab drivers dry! Life isn’t so easy for minicab drivers either.

georgevampireWhen Osbo blew his own popularity by attacking the working poor, his ratings nose dived. Boris, who has all the warmth and talent that Osbo lacks, soared into a massive lead in the ComRes and Ipso Mori polls this month.

So in spite of the appalling gridlocks and snarlups in London that have to be damaging the London economy, Osbo has continued to insist that TfL hand out licences to dreadful Uber drivers like Santa Claus on speed.

Many cab drivers don’t bother to check who is speaking up for them and fighting their corner (Boris).  Boris has continually challenged the government over their Uber policy and told them they have a responsibility to protect black cabs.

But Bojo is the easy, visible target.  So, black cab drivers everywhere, Osbo is rubbing his hands with glee! What a laugh, if he can damage his main rival.  For some mysterious reason, although the cheap fare is based on criminality,  he is a huge Uber fan.  Nobody knows why, but for some reason,  Osbo wants to take out the black cab trade.

He is taking you all  for mugs…..

12 responses to “How George Osborne is taking black cab drivers for mugs

  1. I’m more and more impressed with George Osborne the more you bad-mouth him. My take on it is this: he doesn’t want to ‘take out the black cab trade’: he wants the market to decide whether to take out the black cab trade. That’s exactly what a Conservative Chancellor should be doing.

      Like many people, you haven’t bothered to do any research. How is flooding London with PHVs so traffic is gridlocked bumper to bumper “letting the market decide?”
      Traffic is now so bad it is affecting the London economy. Is that what a Tory Chancellor should be doing?

      George’s popularity nose dived when he attacked the working poor over tax credit cuts. Now he is attacking the working man again. This time it is the black cab drivers.

      Finally, even Uber drivers call Uber “a greedy and corrupt company,who have totally tricked their drivers”.

      Once again Osbo’s judgement proved sadly lacking, he is fomenting an absolute disaster!


  2. @Steve Doerr. Have you seen this? I can drop you a lot more info if you’d like to have your eyes opened….

  3. “Uber has an army of at laest 161 lobbyists and they’re crushing regulators”…

  4. Another thing about Uber is how often the unprofessional drivers have accidents. You’ll find a lot of regular examples on #ubered on Twitter. From today, yet another one:

    • You are a brilliant researcher Tom! I so agree with your approach. Fight any issue with the facts, just the facts!

      Uber supporters spout nonsense, which is not backed up by any facts whatsoever!

  5. How am I able to contact you in private, Angelnstar?

    • Awfully sorry Tom,I don’t give out my e-mail anymore. Have been hacked too often.
      I haven’t had an e-mail from you.

  6. Are you on twitter? I am @angelneptustar, if so,give me your twitter name, will follow, follow me back, then DM.

  7. I just followed you, my name in there, or rather, my initials, start with D.B.

  8. Sorry but Boris has been in charge of Tfl for 2 mayoral terms and did nothing to help black cab trade against uber until he realised that he was being used as a mug by Cameron and Osborne all to the benefit as far as Osborne concerned for tory leadership race. We still have to compete against the non regulated uber and now uber pool which should reduce the need for so many bus drivers , but will Boris do anything of real help? Don’t hold your breath

    • No he hasn’t. Do you even read what I write? the entire problem has been caused because George Osborne and the PM told Boris to leave Uber alone. They have been making the decisions re. Uber, not Boris. The plans any Mayor makes have to be in line with gov. policy. If they are not, the Gov. can step in. that is what has happened.
      Please read point 4 under the heading Specific Powers on link directly above this.

      Instead of making flip remarks and assuming you know it all, you need to read THE FACTS.

      BORIS WAS NOT BEING USED AS A MUG, please do not show your ignorance. The Gov. took over all decisions re. Uber, they want Uber sell established in London, even at the cost of what it will do to the black cab trade. As you will see from the info. I have given you on the Mayor’s powers, all he can do is loudly protest and repeatedly lobby them, both of which he has done.

      So don’t tell me, “Sorry but Boris has been in charge of TfL!” Osbo and PM TOOK OVER DECISONS REGARDING UBER. They have the power to do that, and it is Osbo flooding London with PHVs.

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