Like tax credit cuts, Osbo’s attack on the black cab trade is an attack on the working man

The Tories won GE15 on the platform that the party would fight and protect the working man.  Nobody represents the dedicated working man more than the black cab trade.  The black cab trade started in 1643, it dates back to the days of Oliver Cromwell.  The strict regulations that govern the industry have made global travellers vote black cabs the best in the world.osbojavidHow appalling then that black cab drivers are being betrayed by the Chancellor and the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, in favour of US Uber!  Traffic in London is gridlocked because of the interference of Osbo in the Uber situation.  He has ordered the Mayor and TfL to “lay off Uber”.  Anyone who can drive is given an Uber licence, including drivers who can hardly speak English who are terrible drivers. Sajid Javid’s argument that he is backing the consumer simply does not stand up to scrutiny.

The ten biggest complaints about Uber are from Uber drivers.  They are in entire agreement with black cab drivers on the dangers of Uber for the customer.  It is clear that the Uber plan is to try to destroy the black cab trade and then whack up fares to sky high levels. How will that help the consumer?

Black cabs do not set their own fares.  They are in thrall to TfL.  So after centuries of complying with TfL regulations, their reward is to be kicked out by George in favour of Uber? Boris Johnson said the government has a duty to protect the black cab trade.

Mr. Javid is tragically wrong, and if his way is allowed to prevail, the black cab trade, the best in the world, will be gone and a very nasty, sleazy, irresponsible, grasping company, with no integrity, will be London’s main option.

There was outrage when George Osborne betrayed the platform on which the Tories won the 2015 election by torpedoing the working poor with tax credit cuts.

His attempt to back Uber who want to drive black cabs out of London is an even worse betrayal.

4 responses to “Like tax credit cuts, Osbo’s attack on the black cab trade is an attack on the working man

  1. The cycle ‘super’ highway, 93,000 minicabs and 600 added a WEEK, incompetent clowns at TFL and Bozo have turned this great city into a shambles…

    • 9,500 peopledie from pollution every year, may of them children. I accept that you would rather have a smooth ride and let them die. That is your choice.

  2. Very well said.

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