Licence to kill! Will TfL put the boot into Uber?

Freewheeling, regs. rejecting Uber executives are bragging they will launch UberPool in London, the ride sharing service that is banned in most countries all over the world.  There are huge safety issues,  and this could be a step too far.uberpic8Sounds like Uber has finally pushed TfL over the edge, because Sir Peter Hendy says Try that one, and it will be a case of Licence Revoked. He is likely to have the full agreement of Boris Johnson, who might do the revoking.

The Telegraph reported:  “Uber, whose growth in London has sparked widespread protests from the black cab industry, is facing questions over its future in London after Transport for London proposed new restrictions on minicab services.”

One of those restrictions suggests UberPool should be blocked completely. There are huge safety concerns about the app.

The megalomania of Uber executives seems to know no bounds, they actually believe they can dictate London’s traffic future!  It’s High Noon for the taxi trade.  What’s right is right.   Anyone who knows the details of the Uber attempt to take over in London by killing the black cab trade, for centuries the best cab service in the world, can only be glad it is crunch time.

Update:  10 of the biggest complaints about Uber!  From Uber drivers!

7 responses to “Licence to kill! Will TfL put the boot into Uber?

  1. Thank you so much for your words and support, Angelstar. Believe me, it’s appreciated.

  2. I agree, time to make peace and work together. I would like to retweet this but I can’t as I’m blocked.


  3. Time to un block me Ang. Lets make peace. @TheHillierBloke

    • Done! And following.

    • I must give Angela credit where credit is due , she is one of a very few people who , even after some rather nasty comments from us taxi drivers, has actually gone out and done some research into that disgusting app and now I’m sure realises that we was not just moaning for the sake of it , and has since been a good supporter of our trade , I for one salute her . George

      • You were all very upset, after years of dedicated service, your whole livelihood was under attack. I was tactless then, but genuinely didn’t understand. That is so kind, thank you so so much. x

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