Uber and the LTDA to be grilled by MPs tomorrow

Uber and the LTDA will be questioned by MPs tomorrow on, amongst other things, the new tougher regulations for Uber that have been proposed by the LTDA, TfL and Boris Johnson.sajidjavid4

CityAM reported:  “Later last month, business secretary Sajid Javid told the business committee that TfL’s proposals were “heavy handed” and not in the interest of consumers.

“TfL is perfectly within its rights to review transport related issues in London. I think what is going to be a big test is: does the review come out on the side of ordinary Londoners that want choice, they value competition,” Javid said at the time, adding: “From my own point of view, I’m not interested in heavy handed regulation. I want to make sure that consumers are put first.”

Sajid Javid in saying he wants to make sure consumers are put first is being disingenuous. How can it possibly be in the interests of consumers for Uber drivers to skimp criminal checks and sometimes not even have proper insurance? How can it be in the interest of consumers for some Uber drivers to be so exhausted, they fall asleep at the wheel?

That popular cheap fare is based on criminality, and it is not in the interests of the consumer for their safety to be at risk.

Secondly, there are far too many PHVs on the road.  The capital is gridlocked, when will enough be enough?

None of this things is in any way to the advantage of the consumer.  Sajid Javid is not being honest when he pretends otherwise.

12 responses to “Uber and the LTDA to be grilled by MPs tomorrow

  1. What utter rubbish this man cares about consumers, we all no who he cares about his friends at goldman sacs and there profits and ubers directors laws and regulations must be overlooked to protect there mates sod all to do with sticking up for the public.

  2. When Mr. Javid looks at the facts, how can he possibly say that tougher regs.are not in the interests of the consumer? Many Uber cab drivers put passenger safety at risk. Traffic gridlocks are a scandal. And Uber are tax avoiders. The cheap fares of Uber are based on criminality and they treat their drivers like dirt, they are falling asleep at the wheel. Sajid Javid cannot be unaware of all this!

  3. How is it in the interest of the public when the roads are gridlocked which in turn affects the air quality . And what’ does affect the public is that a company is allowed to just waltz in earn money and not pay its fair share of tax for the up keep of such things as the nhs and schools and police and fire service all of which do a very important and essential job in our community in these dangerous times for London lets just hope the emergency services are not called upon as I and lots of others think thay will struggle to cope and that’s not taking into account getting to the emergency with the traffic being as it is ie terrible .

    • The situation is wrong and unfair, it is not in the interests of the customer to have drivers falling asleep at the wheel amongst other things!

  4. Not to mention all the touting that goes on by Uber drivers!

  5. Cap them NOW London is a car park because all them uber cars are roaming round The streets of London waiting for e hails . Send them back to there office ?. Like all the other private hire firms have to go to. Hold on remind me where über office is Mr Javid.

    • Sajid Javid is Business Secretary and an Osbo supporter. Either he genuinely hasn’t done any research and doesn’t understand the situation, or he is being disingenuous.

  6. Thanks Angela for ,A drop of truth in an ocean of lies.
    It’s an uphill struggle for us at the mo,
    But we shall overcome

    • You are really welcome. I intend to keep hassling George Osborne and Sajib Javid, they are not protecting the consumer at all.

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  8. London is a mess either do away with London buses and taxis.
    And put your trust into Uber to be in charge of TFL
    Or regulate Uber to comply with PH laws.
    It’s not rocket science.
    Uber have entered the country like gypsies that get away with doing what the like.
    TFL Running scared

    • TfL are not running scared. What do they have to be scared about? George Osborne has taken over decision making re.Uber. Boris is his main competition and Bojo trashed him in the November Ipso Mori and Com Res polls. Osbo now flooding London with Uber PHVs. Wrecks traffic, and he knows most cab drivers are mug enough to be taken in that is Boris’s fault. Loving it.

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