Boris tops latest ComRes poll again as most popular UK politician

Yesterday in the latest Ipso Mori poll,  Boris Johnson rocketed to a 9 point lead over Osbo as the most popular Tory politician in the party.  Today the ComRes poll shows he is still the most popular politician in the country.borisdroll10ComRes

·         Britons are more than twice as likely to say they are unfavourable towards Jeremy Corbyn as favourable (22% favourable v 50% unfavourable). Mr Corbyn’s unfavourability ratings have increased from 42% in September to 50% now.

·         Similar numbers view David Cameron favourably as they do unfavourably (38% v 42%). The Prime Minister has a significantly higher net favourability score than the opposition leader (-4 v -28).
·         Boris Johnson remains Britain’s most popular with a net favourability score of +17, and his favourability score has increased by 5 points since September to 44%.
·         After Jeremy Corbyn, the Chancellor George Osborne, has the worst net favourability score of those tested (-19).
·         Of the foreign leaders, Barack Obama is viewed most favourably (59% favourable), and the President of the USA also has the greatest net favourability score of +44.
As seen above, Boris is the only politician with an overall positive favourability rating, way ahead of everyone else on +17% overall.
The PM is second most popular with an overall rating of -4%
Jeremy Corbyn is the most unpopular politician in the country.
George Osborne is the second most unpopular, on -19%.  Bribing people.  Enjoying cutting the budgets of his rivals!  There has to be a better standard than that.
I think it boils down to trust.  Boris is one of the very few politicians that people trust is not on the fiddle.  They know that he tells them the truth as much as any politician can.   These things deeply matter.

3 responses to “Boris tops latest ComRes poll again as most popular UK politician

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  2. Brilliant, Boris. Two polls in two days, you are on top of both of them and George only has himself to blame.

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