Boris rockets to huge lead over scheming Osbo in Ipso Mori poll

Our Mayor hasn’t had an easy ride lately,  what with antagonism from some cab drivers to the first Cycling Superhighway, and manipulation from Osbo, blocking legislation on the limiting of PHVs.  Voters  are obviously more perceptive than George Osborne realises though.georgedowncastIn the latest Ipso Mori poll, Boris is 9 points ahead of George, who has slumped to a dismal third.  In July Osbo tried to bulldoze tax credit cuts through Parliament, under the mistaken impression he couldn’t miss.   A double defeat in the Lords rocked him back on his heels.  He has  never recovered, as Tory MPs think twice about who they want to lead  the party.pollAnother poll shows that six out of ten believe that Osbo is picking the wrong targets for cuts.  The overwhelming feeling is that he should be cutting foreign aid first.overseasaidThe friendship with Peter Mandelson hasn’t done Osbo any good at all,  except to enhance his reputation as a schemer.

The Standard reports: “Rumours are swirling around Westminster that Mr Johnson could back the campaign to quit the European Union, which some Tories think would clinch him the leadership.”  But there is still an awfully long way to go.

The Independent reported:  The charts that show Osborne hopes for leadership are fading.

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