When will enough be enough re. PHVs George Osborne?

Last night, I took a black cab home to show solidarity with the industry, as I have been doing for some time.  I nearly shed tears as the driver, who has been a cabbie for  30 years, outlined his fears for the future. Part of the upset I felt was because the driver, a lovely decent man, was not fully aware of the causes.georgenastyThe open immigration started by Labour under Tony Blair is partly to blame for the dreadful traffic jams we are seeing now. There has been a huge influx into the capital.  Another major reason is the private hire vehicles with which George Osborne and Sajid Javid are flooding the city.

Boris Johnson has been desperate for months to limit these PHVs, but needs primary legislation to do so and Osbo is saying No.  Boris’s hands are therefore tied, and he can only sit helplessly by, taking most of the flak,  as London gets more and more gridlocked.

Who is Osbo’s major rival in the battle to be the next PM?  And whose huge popularity is a massive threat to Osbo’s ambitions?

Meanwhile, black cab drivers are the victims and the sufferers.  This is appalling, upsetting and unfair.

Reasonable people would like to say to George, when will this stop?  When will enough be enough?  When motor vehicles are all nose to nose, and nobody can move an inch?  When the London economy has stalled through no traffic movement?  Because that is the way it is starting to look to Londoners.

Is George Osborne prepared to sacrifice an entire industry, the best in the world, to his ambition? For thousands of inferior Uber drivers?  When he knows that as soon as Uber has destroyed the black trade, they will whack up fares, even higher than BC cab fares,  so Londoners will be the losers?   The answer would seem to be Yes.

7 responses to “When will enough be enough re. PHVs George Osborne?

  1. The way I see it the best thing Johnson could do now is to put a complete block on the PHV licences being issued by TFL or resign as mayor!
    The insidious way that TFL has treated London’s Black trade as a whole is disgusting.
    *There has been no communication on road changes.
    *No regulation on Rickshaw’s that are ripping off tourist’s.
    *Constantly bullying over emissions while continuing to increase buses.
    *Implementing a cycle super highway that doesn’t take into account – broken down vehicles – emergency vehicles – terrorist incidents – pedestrian safety – utility maintenance.
    *600 PHV licences issued per week.
    *Huge increase in accidents involving Prius vehicles.
    * No clear advice on what allowances we need to make as we see our careers diminish week by week.

    • Boris can’t limit or totally restrict PHVs without legislation, and he needs the approval of the government for that. That is the system. Osborne is saying No. So George Osborne has to take responsibility for the ensuing chaos, suggest he resigns!

  2. This is typical Osbo. Trouble is, it is all backfiring, the public don’t like a schemer and he is taking it to an art form.

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  6. Hate Johnson……..

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