Jihadi Jezza Corbyn “humility” just an act

Piling idiocy on idiocy, peacenik Jihadi Jezza Corbyn now insists that in the event of a terror attack in the UK, anti-terror police should not be allowed to operate a shoot to kill policy. So faced with Kalashnikov wielding jihadis, the cops can’t blow their heads off in defence of innocent British citizens.corbynlorrraineThis statement added insult to injury, in view of his dire performance on The Lorraine Show, when Jezza was interviewed by rabid lefty, wee Scots lassie Lorraine.   Corbyn is not in favour of a military solution against Isil, in spite of the likelihood of more terror attacks if we sit and do nothing.  He insisted that the government must achieve a political settlement with Syria,  even though anyone who tried to get Isil to the conference table would be on a hiding to nothing.

Isil terrorists are psycho sadists, who apparently tortured some of the people they slaughtered in Paris.

Corbyn spent only about five minutes  talking about the massacre.  He spent the main part of the interview talking about himself, a subject he obviously finds more fascinating that recent world events.

What type of arrogant monster prattles on about their dress sense, their hobbies and how awfully humble they are “The leadership is not for me, it is for other people” he declared grandiosely” – in a time of major national tragedy?  In Jezzaland, Corbyn is the centre of his own small universe,  clearly convinced we share his obsession.

If you want to dress to show the decline of the social order, that’s your choice Jezza, but please drop the ever so  humble manner.    To be thinking only of yourself at such a time, to assume that viewers want to hear about you, rather than discuss the latest details of the tragedy denotes an ego of monster proportions.

Jeremy Corbyn will not give Labour MPs a free vote on military action  against Isil, and he is known to oppose any military solution.

Update 17/11/15:  Jezza U turn.  Corbyn has changed his mind on the “shoot to kill” policy.   Hilary Benn said it was “perfectly reasonable” to kill a terrorist where there is “immediate threat to life”.  Before, Corbyn had huge scruples about taking the life of a a jihadi, while contemplating them taking of the lives of innocent civilians with perfect equanimity.

Corbyn’s about face comes just 24 hours after he was openly shouted down by his own MPs.

MPs banged the desks at a meeting on Monday night as they questioned the Labour leader over his comments.

The Labour leader was also asked why he is planning to attend Stop the War Coalition’s Christmas party despite the organisation tweeting at the weekend that Paris had brought the terror attacks upon itself because it was in a ‘whirlwind’ of Western foreign policy. He failed to answer.

“It’s not shoot to kill, it’s shoot to protect!” stormed a furious Boris Johnson on SKY!

2 responses to “Jihadi Jezza Corbyn “humility” just an act

  1. And now the switcheroo! Corbyn gives the impression that he is desperately concerned about the deaths of jihadis, but cool when civilians are massacred. Very weird priorities the man has!

  2. Corbyn has been on Lorraine show at least three times, while she plugs what a humble man he is, who doesn’t care about his clothes, loves the people, what a load of bullshit.

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