Boris furious that gov. refuses to allow primary legislation to limit PHVs

Call him Mr. Gridlock!  The truth is out.  Osbo is the villain over traffic snarlups and Uber getting away with murder.   It is clear from an article in the London Standard, the government seems determined to thwart every measure Boris Johnson wants to put in place that would make life more bearable for black cab drivers.georgesmugIn spite of Boris’s repeated explanations, the government seems unable to grasp the consequences of killer pollution, congestion, and illegal parking. Uber licences are still being handed out like Smarties on the instructions of Osbo,  at a rate of 1,000 a month.

What is the reason for the mysterious link with Rachel Whetstone?  It would only be common courtesy for the government to explain something that so fundamentally affects the lives of black cab drivers.

It is easy for some black cab drivers to attack Boris “for lacking balls!”  Is he Mayor or not, etc. etc.  The only way Boris can limit PHVs is through legislation.  That legislation needs the approval of the government, and no prizes for guessing tha the government, led by the obstreporous Osbo, says No!

The Standard confirms:  He (Boris)  has so far been unsuccessful in his attempts to get the Government to bring in primary legislation that will allow Transport for London to put a limit on the number of vehicles plying for trade.

No Mayor  can drive primary legislation through Parliament without the agreement of the government.

Boris, as Mayor, does like it that Uber helps with unemployment and provides a cheaper option for those who cannot afford BC fares.  But  he would crack down PDQ on lawlessness and the numbers if he had a free hand.

On the plus side, the black cab trade is responsing brilliantly to the challenge in the only way they know how!  Doing a fantastic job!  The way that black cabs offered free rides to veterans on Armistice Day showed their class.  If the Uber plan was to drive black cabs out of London, it isn’t working.  Black cabs, London needs you.

Apparently black cabs will have their very own app. soon!  Watch this space!

5 responses to “Boris furious that gov. refuses to allow primary legislation to limit PHVs

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  5. Absolutely diabolical that George Osborne is interfering in this way, he is wrecking the traffic and killing people by increasing filthy air.

    As for the Whetstone thing, hardly ethical.

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