Osbo “enjoys” slicing budgets of his leadership rivals reports Sunday Times

In the Sunday Times today, Tim Stanley makes the claim that the Chancellor “enjoys” slicing the budgets of his leadership rivals.   This is a shocking claim of behaviour that does not befit a Chancellor.GeorgeO4The Sunday Times reported:  “George Osborne was embroiled in a fresh cabinet row over the government’s spending review last night, amid claims that the chancellor was “enjoying” cutting the budgets of his main rivals for the Tory leadership.

One minister said Osborne had “deliberately taken a tough line” with Theresa May, the home secretary, and Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, and was imposing a tough settlement on the London police, despite lobbying by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London”.

Osbo is also engaged in a fight to the death with IDS, who is backed by Owen Paterson,  over his raid on Universal Credits.  George sees the UC billions as a lifeline to solve the problem of his failure to raise the promised 12 billion .

It would seem that the tax credit cuts fiasco has had a detrimental effect on Osbo and his behaviour is spiralling out of control.  There are serious concerns that the way the Chancellor has slashed the London police budget is placing too much pressure on the force and endangering the public in the capital.

Osbo’s interference regarding Uber is also proving very destructive. Black cabs win every prize going as the best taxi service in the world.  Because of some  mysterious desire to please Rachel Whetstone, an ex-pal of the PM, who works for Uber,  Osbo is refusing to allow Boris to limit PHVs and drivers fear Uber get preferential treatment.  Pollution is a killer and congestion is just appalling.

Uber are a safety hazard and many drivers are not up to standard.  It is only the superior ability and determination of black cab drivers, that is foiling Uber in their plan to take over London.

Osborne doesn’t seem to realise that  his pigheaded interference in trying to make life difficult for Boris, his major rival,  is hurting the public.  There was another conviction for sexual assault from a PH driver recently.  London simply does not need an influx of second rate drivers whose insurance and criminal checks are dodgy and whose knowledge of London and the English language is minimal.

Things don’t seem to be working out for George and there can’t be many more people he can promise to bribe.  Osbo needs to take a chill pill.  As Tim Stanley tweeted recently, there is only so much nastiness Tories can take.

One response to “Osbo “enjoys” slicing budgets of his leadership rivals reports Sunday Times

  1. George Osborne does not realise the damage he is doing to black cabs, nor doe he seem to care.
    What is the link to Whetstone? She may be an old friend, but that is no reason to gratify her every wish, or indeed oblige her in any way at all! What is the deal with Whetstone, this has to be relevant, and we have a right to know.

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