The PM and Chancellor were elected to serve the people, not their own egos

After the government plan to slash tax credits was rejected twice by the House of Lords, David Cameron’s only concern now is to get revenge and clip the wings of the second Chamber.  lordsreformTory Boy Pierce reports:  “He’s asked his former Cabinet colleague Lord Strathclyde, the Rt Hon Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, to give him his full moniker, to put the peers firmly back in their place”.

In interviews the hereditary peer, a former Leader of the Lords, accused the Upper House of ‘deplorable’ conduct in twice rejecting £4.5 billion of cuts in tax credits.

Inn the Commons, a stunned Osbo told MPs the Lords vote had breached the century-old convention that the Upper House does not block financial decisions made by the Commons,  adding menacingly, raising “clear constitutional issues which we will deal with”.

The policy was not in the Tory manifesto, nor did Osbo signal he would cut tax credits at any stage before voting day.  The House of Lords, whatever the rules, put the people first but the PM intends to punish them for that.

A brilliant article by Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson explains that the tax credit cuts were badly thought through, and the national living wage is a fiasco.  Some workers ended up on a tax rate of 96% and the cuts benefited only better off households.   60,000 workers whose skills are worth less than £9 an hour will end up unemployed.  These are the measures that the PM said he was “proud to put forward”.

It seems that the only reaction from the PM and the Chancellor is anger at the House of Lords because they were thwarted in getting their way.   There is not a sign of remorse that they, through sheer carelessness, were about to impose a huge series of injustices on an undeserving section of the working public.

In the desire of the PM and Chancellor to punish the Lords, we see what really matters to them.  Is it any wonder that voters are cynical about politics?  Because when push comes to shove, we are always slapped in the face, reminded repeatedly that what is best for the people is always always last in line.

2 responses to “The PM and Chancellor were elected to serve the people, not their own egos

  1. George Osborne should apologise.

  2. All they care about is winning and not losing the votes, the fact that the Lords saved millions from unfair financial penalties is immaterial to them.

    What they are saying is they would rather the Lords caved in so they could unfairly tax people and push them to the brink than lose face.

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