Boris Johnson sorts out Benedict Cumberbatch over migrants

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson explains that popular, talented Benedict Cumberbatch just for once has got it wrong over migrants –  or partly wrong.  Boris begins:benedictcumberbatch4“It’s madness to take on Benedict Cumberbatch, I know: he’s popular, talented, a landmark of our culture. He has legions of fans, many of them female, some of them in my immediate family, and some so fanatical that they apparently style themselves “Cumberbitches” and patrol the Twittersphere, ready to plunge their electronic machetes into anyone who disses the great man, rather like the lethal Amazonian bodyguard of Muammar Gaddafi.

So I am grateful that I wasn’t there in the audience the other night when Cumberbatch rounded off a performance of Hamlet with a stirring extempore soliloquy, on the failure of this country to take more Syrian refugees. “F––– the politicians!” he cried, to wild audience acclaim. I am glad I wasn’t around because I think – or at least I hope – that I might have shouted “rubbish”, or at least murmured some feeble dissent in a voice loud enough to provoke my neighbours.

Really proud of for his emotional appeal after Hamlet tonight over and ‘shameful’ govt response 11:10 PM – 10 Sep 2015

One response to “Boris Johnson sorts out Benedict Cumberbatch over migrants

  1. Can’t he stick to acting for crying out loud? They never know what it is about, do they.

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