Osbo’s fatal flaw is his compulsion to overreach

According to journalist Peter Oborne, no Chancellor has ever spent less time at the Treasury than George Osborne.  Check it out!  Oborne explains that besides his custodianship of the national finances, Osbo is the de facto chief Tory strategist, chief European negotiator and the eminence grise behind the Yes campaign to keep Britain in Europe.

Osbo with the

Osbo with the “real Chancellor” Rupert Harrison

Meanwhile, he is on permanent manoeuvres to ensure that he succeeds David Cameron as Prime Minister, devoting hours every week to cultivating Tory back-benchers and ingratiating himself with allies in the Press.

Rupert Harrison, Osbo’s Chief of Staff, is “the real Chancellor”.  Harrison, says Oborne, is harder working, more intelligent and nicer than Osbo. But he has left Osbo for a lucrative job in the City and that is why everything regarding the economy is going A over T.

Rupert has been described by the Times. as “one of the most powerful unelected figures in  government”.   His departure is a huge blow to the Chancellor, who is not up to his intellectual level.

Oborne says “July’s Budget is falling to bits in the wake of this week’s tax credits fiasco (when the Lords voted down the Government’s proposals), while attempts to negotiate changes to Britain’s relations with the EU are a laughing stock across Europe”.IDS6

The July budget was not, as lauded by drooling acolytes, a work of genius by a revolutionary thinker.  It was a con and an omnishambles, that badly hurt the poor.

Although over-ambitious Osbo is adept at networking and great at snaffling high powered jobs for himself, his ambition is not matched by his ability. He is a superficial thinker, with no ideas and as we saw at the Tory Conference, he is a lacklustre public speaker.  George Osborne will be the architect of his own destruction because of his fatal flaw, his constant desire to overreach.

4 responses to “Osbo’s fatal flaw is his compulsion to overreach

  1. Osborne does attempt too much, he should stick to one job at a time. He is hell bent on being next PM, but ignores he is hated by ordinary people, he is unelectable.

  2. He thinks he knows how to do everything, but the ability just not there.

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