The government has been guilty of malpractice says Times

Polling carried out by CityAM shows that the public is overwhelmingly against tax credit cuts in their present form.  The Tories said during the election that they intended to make 12.5 billion cuts to the welfare bill, but most people thought these would affect the unemployed. georgetccA London based poll, released by campaigning group 38 Degrees and conducted by YouGov, shows 58 per cent of Londoners want Osborne to abandon his current plans, with 23 per cent of respondents having said the cuts should go ahead but at a later date or with a lower rate of cuts.TCCpollA further 42 per cent of people in London suggested David Cameron has broken a pre-election promise by cutting tax credits, compared to just 27 per cent who didn’t.TCCpoll2Many consider the tax credit cuts totally unfair, see above poll.

Polling carried out by SKY News shows that 80% who voted for the Tories in May want to see low income workers protected from Government cuts.

Nearly 90% of people who voted for the Conservatives at the election thought that Mr Osborne’s planned £12bn welfare cuts would not hit low income workers the hardest, with the majority (51%) thinking they would affect the unemployed.

The Times said “The government has been guilty of malpractice in steering these cuts through parliament. A secondary statutory instrument was used when they should have been included in the finance bill and thus immunised from meddling by the Lords”.

3 responses to “The government has been guilty of malpractice says Times

  1. The Government should have been clear before the election. Michael Gove is quoted as categorically denying Tories would cut tax credit cuts.

  2. George is so arrogant and up himself now he and Cameron think they can cut corners, ride rough shod over everyone in their way.

    Am delighted George got a kick in the teeth from the Lords, far too full of himself.

    • They don’t have a strong opposition, so are trying to steam roller through things that are blatantly unfair, that they didn’t “signal” before GE15 at all!

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