Abracadabra! Mandy and Osbo’s cynical sorcery to keep us stuck in the EU

Peter Oborne has written a revealing article in the Daily Mail, on how Peter Mandelson and George Osborne are scheming to keep us in the EU.  According to Oborne, “George is goggle eyed in the presence of Peter Mandelson.  He behaves like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.georgemandy2Osbo  and Mandy want the referendum to be held at the last possible moment, probably late 2017.

The Mail reveals: “By then, Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission President, will have set in motion a series of treaty changes for the next stage of integration as the EU develops into a superstate.  These changes, foreshadowed in the so-called Five Presidents Report last June, are central to the Mandelson/Osborne masterplan.

The report envisages yet further integration among 19 countries in the single currency eurozone, binding them so tightly (financially, socially and politically) that, in effect, the eurozone will become a single country.batsNot being signed up to the euro, Britain will not be part of this group and will be given a so-called ‘escape clause’, freeing us from any further moves towards closer union.”  There has to be some sort of division, because we are not signed up to the euro.

David Cameron means to use this let out clause as a convincing argument to secure a win for the Yes campaign, even if he fails to achieve any of the concessions for the UK he claims he can win.

The whole purpose of this clandestine treatment of an issue vital to the British people is to destabilise the No campaign.  If we fail to achieve the concessions the No campaign is desperate to achieve, it is hard to see the virtue of the “escape clause”anyway. Will it actually mean anything at all?   But smoke and mirrors will be the essence of the Mandy/Osbo calculation.

Peter Oborne comments of the two master schemers “Characteristically,  I fear, it does not contain an ounce of substance”.  Will the UK realise that before the vote?  The Sorcerer and his apprentice are busy conniving so Britain is magicked into the power of “ever closer union” while gaining absolutely no concessions that mean a damn, while appearing to be independent and free.

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