Black cab drivers – you talkin’ to me?

This story is in TAXI this week.  Their spotters like to hand out M & S. vouchers to deserving black cab drivers. The paper reports:  “After discovering that one of our spotters had dropped their vouchers in the TAXI House yard,  cabbie John Doyle picked them up and handed them in at the front desk. TAXI decided to hand him £150 worth of vouchers!”deniro2I can top that story.  Once I was in a black cab taking a trip back from Church Street market, gabbling away to the driver as is my wont.  My purse was unusually crammed with notes, about £500 worth.  Like an idiot, I dropped the purse on the floor of the cab, merrily chat chat chat.

At home, I discovered the disaster.  Oh God, that’s it, money gone.  The cab driver drove all the way back to my house to return the purse.  He wouldn’t take a penny reward, not ever the cost of the petrol!  That sort of kindness and integrity is what raises the black cab trade way above the competition.

We all know there are some bad boys in the black cab trade, who mouth off rather than suffer in silence.  You talkin’ to me??   But the majority are no Travis Bickles.   They are the professionals who love their jobs and take huge pride in maintaining standards that the best in the world.  We should be proud.

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