Steve McNamara prepared to fight the issue of the Uber “meter” all the way to the Supreme Court!

Steaming at a result that LTDA Steve McNamara clearly believes is off the planet wrong, Steve makes it clear that the issue of the Uber Smartphone is not ending here!  Like they say in the movies, this was a show trial, or so Steve believes, and he was there.  This issue could run and run……
“Unbelievable! Despite being in a court packed with expensive lawyers, solicitors and advisors from Transport for London (TfL), Uber, the LTDA and the minicab industry, after just 10 minutes even I was confused!  How can something so simple appear so complicated and confusing?donkeybraying
The traditional concept of a Declaratory Relief hearing is that a
regulator, in this case TfL, or other statutory body, approaches the
high court for a ruling on something that is not clear to it. It should be a neutral approach,aimed at securing an independent judicial ruling. The approach is supposed to be one which seeks clarification on a fact or definition of a point of law.

 Incredibly, at this hearing, TfL’s QC spent the first two hours,outlining and supporting the case for Uber’s smartphone not being a meter. He
was anything but neutral; in fact several latecomers to the court
genuinely assumed he was Uber’s lawyer!
Quite why TfL applied for the hearing, if they were so adamant that it
was not a meter, is something that needs investigating. This is such a ludicrous decision that our lawyers have already launched an appeal, and the matter will now progress to the Supreme Court where
hopefully, we can find a judge with a common sense solution to
a very simplistic question.
Does the Uber smartphone calculate the fare by a combination of time
and distance? There can be only one answer, and any judgement
that declares otherwise is flawed and wrong!  The law is an ass!”

2 responses to “Steve McNamara prepared to fight the issue of the Uber “meter” all the way to the Supreme Court!

  1. Good for Steve! Dodgy judge? Go to Supreme Court. Justice for all!

  2. George is stubborn as a mule, won’t take advice or consider others, he knows and that’s it.

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