The five main complaints that could be the death of Uber

Forget the Uber PR. machine!  That is not the truth.  Magazine Business Insider has also fallen for Uber spin.  Fair minded black cabbies don’t hate Uber and their standards are so high, they fear no rival. What they do fear is crooks, making a quick buck by cheating on the rules.uberblackcabUnlike Uber, the London Private Hire Car association is fighting fair – they are using the power of the law to restrain a company they believe is unsafe!  Top lawyers Clifford Chance will present a case to get the lawless app. banned in London. (for further details, click link in this para.)

This case will be based on five crucial points.

  1. Uber’s insurance is not up to scratch.
  2. Uber doesn’t pay tax as it should.
  3. Uber is unsupervised and unsafe.
  4. Driver and passenger data isn’t safe.
  5. Uber is flouting the law.

There is abundant evidence gathered by the law firm to support these claims.

Business Insider reported:  “Black cab drivers have been putting pressure on TfL to crackdown on Uber. News broke this week that TfL is considering introducing tough new restrictions designed to hurt Uber that appear to have been shaped by taxi industry pressure.

This last remark is a swipe against black cabs, proving that Business Insider is an Uber mouthpiece. But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that Clifford Chance has submitted a report to TfL requesting that Uber is immediately suspended in London.  The complaints contained in the report are not mere technical infractions.  The very fabric of the cab trade, above all its safety, is at risk.

Clifford Chance clearly explains:  “….when confronted by issues in relation to its drivers Uber disclaims responsibility for them on the basis that they are self-employed. In practice, the quality of regulation, oversight, and therefore the safety of the London private hire market is disintegrating rapidly as Uber expands.”

This is serious.  As Boris Johnson said,when he approached the government to support the black cab trade, black cab drivers have faithfully served this city since the days of Oliver Cromwell.

Their standards are the envy of the world.

The black cab trade has complied with government regulations for centuries, therefore the government has a duty to support them now!

The answer is not, as Jo Bertram, head of UK Uber suggested, for black cabs to abandon their standards and descend to the sloppy, unsafe, lawless example set by Uber. Black cab drivers love their job and take a huge pride in their work.  This law suit is a way of ensuring that Uber either ups its game, or accepts that it can never get near the standards of black cabs, and butts out!

4 responses to “The five main complaints that could be the death of Uber

  1. Why dont Clifford Chance take out an injunction against TFL.
    Uber have stated clearly that they are not a private hire operator and they do not employ the drivers, they are only renting the Uber app.

    As stated on TFL website, to obtain a phv drivers licence the driver must work for an operator who has a permanent fixed landline telephone and must take bookings.

    Therefore all Uber drivers are operating illegally unless they themselves apply and become small operators. That means they would all have to have an office and a landline and take bookings.

    I am suggesting an injunction to compel TFL to enforce their own regulations that are clearly stated on there website under applications for phv operators licence and phv drivers licence.

  2. Black cab drivers so skilful, experienced and reliable, fear no-one in the world, but when people like Uber continually play dirty, that is cause for huge concern.

  3. The black taxi trade will back themselves against anyone, given a level playing field.

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