Masters of Spin! But now Uber are clearly panicking

In the cab trade magazine TAXI, battling Steve MacNamara of the LTDA blows the lid of Uber PR!  Steve is no slouch when it comes to spotting a dodgy operator.  This is Steve’s article blowing the gaff on how Uber are trying to take Londoners for a ride.  ubertaxi2“Up until now Uber have been very careful to play down the influence and power that a £250,000 per month lobbying budgetbuys. We knew the company was cultivating key journalists, editors, politicians and Whitehall Mandarins;but up until last week this was deliberately kept low key, with just the occasional journalist being askedto deliver a pro Uber article every now and then. 

The big bucks had been spent on cultivating those at the top and whose allegiance to Uber was known by only a very few senior managers in the minicab app’s empire, these sleepers, as Uber refers to them, only get called upon in a crisis.

Uber obviously believes that a crisis has now arrived in the shape of TfL’s revised private hire regulations proposals, because it has pulled out all the stops and is using everyone it knows and every political trick in the book to prevent these much needed changes from becoming a reality. The primary tactic so far has been to try and convince the public that the proposed changes have only come about because of the LTDA’s influence at City Hall and that Boris has bowed to the“black cab mafia,”as they call us.

The proof of Uber’s panic is now evident in the amount of column inches and radio and TV coverage that it has managed to secure,proclaiming how unfair it is that TfL wants Uber regulated. Since theregulation changes were announcedUber has managed to knock therefugee crisis off the front pages ofmany papers and even the Russian bombing of Isis in Syria took second billing to the“the future of Uber is threatened”story.

The reality is that none of the proposed changes will force Uber to
shut up shop, as all of its defenders are claiming, but simply make Uber more accountable for its drivers and vehicles, and ensure the travelling public’s safety.
 TfL is simply reacting to complaints and concerns voiced by the police, local councils, residents’groups and individuals, regardinguninsured vehicles, the increasing numbers of accidents, and the mayhem caused on our streets by Uber drivers ignoring road signs,
driving dangerously and being a general nuisance to all Londoners.
Uber has emailed its entire customer base requesting they sign a petitionpr oposed changes going ahead.
Bizarrely, nowhere does it mention anything about the changes meaning fixed fares, ensuring the driver can speak English or guaranteeing the vehicle would be insured? Funny that!
I will be contacting all our members with suggestions on how to support the proposals and fight back against Uber’s campaign against public safety.

See the TV coverage at”



One response to “Masters of Spin! But now Uber are clearly panicking

  1. There is non stop Uber PR on twitter, but people aren’t stupid, are seeing through it now. Main issue is safety, the cheap price is based on ignoring safety regs. and treating their drivers like dirt.

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