George attempt to dump on poor might be defeated

The government is staring defeat in the face over tax credit cuts, which have been compared to Maggie and the poll tax.  George Osborne posed as the champion of working class strivers in the last election and vowed he was behind these people all the way.george3To do a total about face now that the election is in the bag is a cynical step too far.  It was adding insult to injury when George said he was making £15 billion from these cuts, and would  his critics like to suggest a similarly lucrative alternative?

Some nerve!  It is George’s mishandling of the economy that has made these cuts necessary.  He stuck blindly to austerity alone while urged weekly by Boris Johnson that austerity alone was not  enough, boost the economy FGS!  Cut the top rate of tax, cut national insurance, stimulate the economy, but for three years, George borrowed like a madman, while refusing to comply.  Once he finally listened to Boris, the  economy took off like a rocket.

In spite of our healthy economy, that borrowing must now be repaid.  It is the height of injustice that the burden be dumped on the very struggling  strivers George swore to protect.

The chances of the government being defeated on plans to cut tax credits in the Lords next week have risen markedly after the Liberal Democrat leader,  Tim  Farron,  instructed his peers to vote for the fatal motion to block them.

Farron has been arguing that the specific tax credits measure was not in the Conservative party manifesto and was even specifically denied by David Cameron in a leaders’ tv election debate.  When George makes these sweeping decisions, does he spend any time thinking who he is hurting, and what they will have to go through?  Does he even live in the real world?

5 responses to “George attempt to dump on poor might be defeated

  1. Boris Johnson on tax credits vote and London Living Wage:

    ‘The chancellor was “absolutely right” to reform tax credits, which were “very unfair” to people on low incomes, said Boris Johnson.

    ‘The Mayor of London told the BBC: “He is right, I think he is doing a great job and that is the right way forward. The House of Lords is in the wrong.”‘

    • Boris is discussing different issues here.
      1) He believes that tax credits need to be reformed and that is totally right. However, he also believes it is completely wrong to reformtax credits in such a way that working strivers are penalised. He should reform the tax credits but not in such a brutal way.

      If you listen properly to what he has said, he has never deviated from his position, and 80% of Tory voters agree with him.

      2) Boris does not believe that the House of Lords has the right to block any issue that has passed through the Commons three times. He is talking about procedure here, not the morality of tax credit cuts.

      Most Tory MPs agree with him, reform TCCs but not in such a way that the working poor are hurt.

      It is out of order for the Lords to correct the Commons votes.

      Hope that is clear.

  2. George won’t admit he has made a massive mistake. Huge! Now too stubborn to back down.

  3. This was an appalling idea. Election won, so let’s get away with this! Terrible.

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