Sajid Javid jumps into Uber row without seeing the bigger picture

Now Sajid Javid has jumped into the Uber/black cab debate, insisting that the new TfL regs. for Uber are “too heavy handed” and will cause Uber fares to rise.borissajidgeorgeIt is not just about fares and technology.  Black cab regulations are about customer safety.  Black cab drivers are rightly proud of the high standards they maintain, thorough criminal checks, proper insurance, and years spent learning the knowledge.  Any woman late at night knows that the safest way home is in a black cab.

There is also the problem of pollution.  In London there is massive congestion.  There are far too many vehicles on the road now and Boris Johnson would like to see them restricted.  Of course the adoring fans of Uber, mostly under 25, are against any regulation of Uber. They don’t concern themselves with considerations such as pollution, safety, congestion or an equal playing field.

Sajid Javid and his arch ally George Oborne will be doing London a huge disservice if they allow the lawlessness of Uber to continue.

TfL hit back by saying:  “The Mayor adores modern technology but the issue is not just protecting black cabs.  It is about public safety, many Uber drivers are not properly insured, and do not have adequate criminal safety checks, and it is also about pollution, which is a killer.

It is depressing how George Osborne always looks at issues politically.  High standards matter in the cab trade.  The safety of passengers should not be allowed to deteriorate and black cabs are a service to be proud of, the best cabs in the world. Equally, it will be impossible to get a grip on pollution if George keeps insisting there is no  curb on licensing Uber cabs.  Standards matter. George and Sajid Javid must lay aside their personal ambitions and do what is best for the cab trade as a whole.

Uber are under global attack for lawlessness and breaking regs.

It’s not about getting rid of Uber, says Boris Johnson.  It is about getting them to play fair.

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