Sicario – Benicio del Toro is outstanding as the enigmatic hitman

sicarioThe drugs war in Colombia has gone on for more than forty years and nothing has changed.  It’s time to beat the drug lords at their own game and if that involves breaking every law in the book, so be it.   That is the basis of Sicario, (a word that means Hitman.)

Emily Blunt is convincing as the fish out of water, idealistic FBI agent who falls among wolves.  Bland, poker faced Josh Brolin is also excellent as the slippery spook team leader,  Matt, but the real acting honours go to the enigmatic Alejandro (Benicio del Toro)  – the ex-lawyer and a loose cannon whose trembling nightmares embody the narrative’s anxious heart of darkness.

Although mission objectives remain oblique, Alejandro believes that bringing cartel kingpin Mañuel Diaz (Bernardo P Saracino) to justice would be like finding “a vaccine” for the escalating horrors.  You will need tough nerves to handle the film’s horrific climax, this film carries on where Ridley Scott’s “The Counsellor” left off.

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