Class War? More like Junior High!

Goofballs from a group of anarchists calling themselves Class War are promising more disruption, after they trashed a business two weeks ago because it was promoting “gentrification”.  The protest involved wearing pig masks, boozing, swearing and throwing paint and smoke bombs.  For Class War think Junior High. Or even lower.  It’s infants who throw things, spit and  shout silly words like “bum” at the teacher.  But Class War thinks these are guerilla tactics, specially geared to derail the Tories.classwarAmazingly, John McDonnell  has praised a union member for spitting, saying it was an acceptable form of ‘giving it back’ to those in power. At the Labour Conference, Tom Watson urged the delegates to “kick the Tories down the road!” Psychiatrists would have a field day.

Class War next threatened to attack the Jack the Ripper Museum after it refused to replace a mock-up of the Victorian killer’s sitting room with an anti-capitalist exhibition. The museum owners showed them round to see how sympathetic the exhibition is to Ripper victims, without success.  The owner said “They came intending to be offended, even though one of them was wearing a T shirt saying  “Poor is the new Queer”.

 Juvenile Class War are now threatening to disrupt Zac Goldsmith’s  campaign hence the babyfied statement on their Facebook page.classwar2It read: “There is no way ZG will become mayor of London even with mummy’s money and the backing of the Evening Standard.

“Anyone considering voting for this inbred old Etonian should realise they are voting for riots in the streets that will make 2011 look like a tea party.

Vote for Zac, get a riot!  ZACATTACK!”  How old are these people?  Five?

In the Daily Telegraph this week, Boris Johnson explained why a certain type of person is unable to deal with their personal problems, so projects them onto a particular political party, person or social class.  

The real problem isn’t imminent police arrest, but arrested development.  Without self knowledge, members of Class War are stuck in infantilism, at best in puberty. As Freud said, the way we criticise others has nothing to do with them and everything to do with ourselves.  The principle of projection is well-established in psychology.

Psychologist Ruth White says:  We justify these projections by blaming someone or something outside for the emotions  we do not want to feel.  We project our disappointments and problems onto other people, it is somehow their fault, we become a blamer.  Ultimately it is the person who projects that loses, as they never really sort out their own problems.

7 responses to “Class War? More like Junior High!

  1. The water cannon would have soon dampened their enthusiasm.

    • I cannot believe that the Labour Party is endorsing such juvenile behaviour! McDonnell backs spitting? Watson wants to kick people down the road while using Parliamentary privilege to smear political rivals?

      These men need therapy. Badly.

  2. Just because someone doesn’t share your view doesn’t mean they need therapy: we live in a democracy. If Tom Watson is privy to information about crimes and the people reporting them to the police have not been taken seriously, then he has a duty to raise it: again, we live in a democracy. Unfortunately, without legal aid: legal action is privy only for those with lots of money – that was what the Tories and Labour wanted wasn’t it: the common man not to have a voice and be walked over …

    • You don’t seem to understand the article. Spitting is a sign of arrested development, infantilism. John McDonnell is endorsing spitting, clearly mixed up and needs help. Tom Watson endorses violence in dealing with Tories, same thing applies. Reread article, you seem to make a habit of jumping to conclusions without reading properly.

      Nobody is blaming Watson for reporting information about sex abuse to the cops. He is blamed, and rightly, for vilifying a dying man, when there was no proper evidence to warrant Lord Brittan being charged. Yes we do live in a democracy. Innocentuntil proven guilty,remember that?

  3. The first comment I saw from Angela was ‘psychiatric help’ not ‘therapy’ so I think her comment on twitter needs ‘moderating’

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