Lord Brittan is proved innocent. No evidence, but he was convicted on twitter

Lord Leon Brittan has been proved innocent His accuser,  a Labour activist with severe mental problems,  said the charges of rape and assault were concocted “for a laugh”.  He now felt guilty but then again, he may just have been confused.  It is time, said the accuser sanctimoniously, for the truth to be told!  Thanks for that!  The police have confirmed there is no evidence. The suffering heaped on him and Lady Brittan in his final days cannot be imagined.lordbrittanBoris Johnson, who knew Lord Brittan well, said openly he didn’t believe the charges.  He was viciously attacked by child abuse campaigners.

I tweeted that he had a right to his opinion.  It is possible, I tweeted, that people can make false accusations.  I was howled down for saying that and for saying we all have a right to speak out if we strongly do not believe something.  This was furiously denied by campaigners.

Nobody wants abused children to hold back from saying what was done to them, but it must be accepted that the possibility of false allegations is also possible. It is important to stress that Lord Brittan was cleared of all charges, including those connected to PIE and Elm Tree Guest House in 2013.  Tom Watson demanded that the case be reopened, and Lord Brittain was cleared of all charges again.

It is too late to make this up to Lord Brittan and his wife.  What he and his wife went through while he was dying of cancer cannot be imagined.  The poor poor man.  Tom Watson, dubbed the Noncefinder General by the media,  has given the most desultory apology, saying he should not have described Lord Brittan as the most evil man imaginable.  He has failed to explain why he only ever attacks Tories and LibDems as paedos, never Labour members.

Being a leftie means never having to say you are sorry.

One response to “Lord Brittan is proved innocent. No evidence, but he was convicted on twitter

  1. It really is about time Chief Inspector Knacker be *forced* to use lie-detectors, the same as that chap on the telly. It is long overdue that “the biggest youth gang in New York”, is brought under control! lol

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