Uber under global attack for lawlessness, as Boris gets tough

Feeble claims that Boris Johnson is “backing a black cab cartel” or “opposing technology” are blown sky high by anyone who checks out world news. Lawless Uber is being sued worldwide for their loose cannon business strategy that makes a mockery of the laws of the land.

Rio de Janeiro has banned Uber

Rio de Janeiro has banned Uber

In the US,  Uber is facing a massive lawsuit re. allegedly erroneous safety claims.

CNBC reported on the “global onslaughtattacking Uber over their inability to accept that there were rules.

In Toronto, Uber is facing a massive £198M lawsuit fromcab drivers regarding “illegal transportation”.

In the UK, a High Court decision on whether the Uber smartphone is a meter is eagerly awaited, due in early October.

Rio de Janeiro the first city in Brazil to ban Uber.

In the US, Uber driver strikes woman and 4 kids on Bronx sidewalk, critically injuring 8 year old girl.

In France, the two top Uber executives are facing criminal charges.

Controversial Uber is also facing bans in Spain, India, France, Brazil and so it goes on.

There is no denying the popularity of Uber, but CNBC agrees with Boris, they cannot be allowed to flout the laws as though they are a law unto themselves.  Nobody is saying get rid of Uber.  The answer said  CNBC is tougher regulation.

In spite of the PR campaigns launched by Uber whenever they are challenged, and the wall to wall lawyers who beat in the heads of anyone who challenges them,  their behaviour, it is universally accepted, cannot be allowed to continue. There have been anti-Uber protests around the world because of the arrogant law breaking of the company.   Uber need reining in.  Boris Johnson is doing just that, and everyone who loves London should get behind him.

Update.  Uber also under fire from drivers suing them that they are employees, not contractors.  They have just lost another court case.  If this becomes the norm, the business will not be sustainable.

6 responses to “Uber under global attack for lawlessness, as Boris gets tough

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  5. Nope. This is a classic example of what economists call ‘regulatory capture’. http://www.adamsmith.org/blog/planning-transport/tfl-is-allowing-itself-to-be-captured-by-the-cabbies/

    If Boris supports this, he’s not the Thatcherite I hoped he was.


    • We all know you support Uber Steve. This is nothing to do with cartels, opposing technology or the rest of it. Uber lawlessness denounced throughout the world. They need reining in.

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