Anarchist mob attack Cereal Cafe armed with paint bombs, flaming torches and pigs’ heads

Disgraceful scenes took place in the East End last night, as a violent masked mob with paint bombs, flaming torches and pigs’ heads attacked the Brick Lane  Cereal Killer Cafe in the name of antri-gentrification. anarchistprotestDozens of police, with a specialist riot squad, faced down the protesters, who threw bottles,  smoke and paint bombs, smashed windows and threatened staff.  The cafe owner said:  “It was a bunch of anarchists who are trying to represent the poor people of East London and it’s ridiculous. They were all boozing in the streets, there was a lot of obscenity. There were about 200 people with torches outside the shop.

‘They were throwing paint bombs at the window and they tried to bash down the door.There was a family with kids in the cafe – it was terrifying.’anarchistprotest2This morning, the breakfast show Good Morning Britain interviewed the Cafe owners who said they had been overwhelmed with support from customers, they were not afraid, and they would not be intimidated.

On ITV, Boris Johnson made it plain there will be zero tolerance for such demonstrations.   He tweeted:  “Small businesses like @cerealkilleruk are lifeblood of London’s thriving economy – any violent protest is unacceptable .”

Is this a reaction to the radical left wing ideas of Corbynistas,  John McDonnell and his pals?  If so, good you hung on to those water cannon Boris!  Maybe the sight of those would cause these idiots to think twice!

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