Why Boris could not possibly have provoked cabbies to riot

After the dreadful scenes at City Hall of black cab drivers trying to force their way into City Hall, and manhandling, in some cases, punching, security guards, Unite Cabbies obviously had second thoughts.  It started to penetrate that maybe using brute force was not such a good idea, and reflected badly on the black cab trade?borisselfie17So hastily the alibi was concocted that it was Boris Johnson’s fault.  He had  accurately used the word “Luddites” (someone who wants things to remain the same is one meaning) and cab drivers were so upset and offended, it caused a riot!  Let’s put that story out to the press, boys!  Len Duvall was keen to get in on the act, announcing Boris had “handled it badly”.

There is only one massive hole in this argument.  The riot was outside City Hall, caused by a large group of cab drivers forcing their way into the building, who pushed, manhandled and in some cases punched security guards.  How could these men possibly hear what was said by Boris on the second floor?

The main chamber was closed because of heckling, but cab drivers could still have watched the session on the tv screen on the 9th floor, and elsewhere throughout the building.  It makes no difference if they are in the same room, they are not allowed to join in or heckle anyway.  There is always a webcam of the proceedings on the website of the Mayor, this meeting is no exception.

On the webcam, Boris is his usual charming, diffident self.

If any cab driver or union member can tell me how this riot was caused by the Mayor, I would be fascinated to hear the explanation.

One response to “Why Boris could not possibly have provoked cabbies to riot

  1. The cabbies obviously realise what a PR disaster this was and are desperate to offload the blame. It’s true, the rioters couldn’t hear the Mayor say “Luddite” so that was not the trigger.

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