The Met Police Press Bureau clarifies the situation re. the City Hall riot

Several black cab drivers are telling me that I should say on twitter that the man arrested regarding the fracas at City Hall who is now on bail, and the man who voluntarily went into a police station, are not cab drivers.copsscotyardThey are angry with me because I said I could not do that because there is no evidence at the moment on the status of the two men. I also disagree that Boris Johnson was at fault in any way in this matter. Nor was Tony Arbour.

In the interests of fairness, I rang the Met. Police on 0207 230 1212 and was put through to the press bureau.  The lady who assisted me said that they are unable to give any details out to the public, because the men are under investigation.  It will not be possible for the police to release that sort of information unless the men are charged.

Occupy spokesman Bryn Phillips has issued tweets that the men are not cabbies and has attacked me for not agreeing with him.  I do not intend to say the men are not cabbies without proper evidence and in spite of the statement by United Cabbies, there is still no hard evidence, we simply do not know.

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