George pinches Boris’s policies, then says he will knife him in May

George Osborne is in China and according to Dan Hodges, he is a trail blazer on the Silk  Road.  Dan has a short memory.  It was only 2014 that Boris Johnson embarked on one of his hugely successful trade missions, that according to Allister Heath saved London and the UK.  At the last minute, George decided to tag along, but the original move to save the economy through trade missions, including  China was the Mayor’s. borisgeorge10For the first three years of George’s Chancellorship, the economy was stuck in the doldrums, teetering on the brink of double dip recession.  It was Boris who told George that austerity  was not enough, and only investment, tax cuts and boosting the economy would stimulate growth. The way Boris handled the London economy set the blue print for the UK,  Boris led the way and George followed.borischina8During GE15, the Tories hit a sticky patch.  It was Lynton Crosby, wisely keeping George out of the public eye because of his lack of popularity,  who suggested sending Boris all over the country to win the marginals.  The Boris magic did the trick.  He bust a gut, visiting some knife edge seats as many as five times and delivered.

Now we read in Dan Hodges’article today in the Daily Telegraph that it is George’s government that promises : “Safety. Stability. Continuity. The opposite of Corbyn’s Labour Party, in other words. And the opposite of Johnson’s Tory party. ”   Really?  When the only ideas George has used that work were pinched from Boris Johnson?

Even worse, George apparently is planning to knife the man to whom he owes so much.  In May, George is planning to “smash Boris to smithereens.”   This is announced with pride, as though we should admire such behaviour.  George has to scheme and backstab because intellectually he is the inferior of his rival, as demonstrated by his career before politics.   (A history degree, but O Level Maths, a job as a data clerk in the NHS and a retail job in Selfridges).

Decent people are lost for words.

11 responses to “George pinches Boris’s policies, then says he will knife him in May

  1. Comment removed by @Editor because of obscenity.

  2. Absolutely not true. Sites such as Times and Telegraph, also Guardian, have a very strict policy, any obscenity or vulgarity blocked by Editor. On personal sites, they block abuse,rudeness and filth. No reason for it, that’s it.

  3. Are we supposed to admire this type of behaviour?

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