Met make first arrest re. City Hall riot

This tweet was on twitter from the Met. Police.  “Arrest following protest at City Hall protest, with the police report here.copscityhallFeelings were running high before the Mayor even mentioned taxis, and Val Shawcross tried to get the cabbies to leave by explaining there were no questions on black cabs, only one on electric taxis, to no avail.   Six men are now wanted by Scotland Yard for assault and/or illegal trespass at City Hall because a group of blck cab drivers forced their way into City Hall at about 10.50 am. and security guards were attacked, pushed over or manhandled.

Apart from the one arrest, another man has turned himself in to the police, and he was interviewed under caution.  Hopefully the remaining four men will be apprehended soon.

There is some light on the horizon for worried black cab drivers.  The High Court decision is due at the beginning of October.  All the regulations put forward by the LTDA have been accepted by Tf, so there is progress, but these things take time.

We are all hoping that feelings settle down, and a framework is established that is fair to PH vehicles and black cabs alike.  Many Londoners do like Uber, but all Londoners appreciate, trust and admire top quality black cabs.

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