Boris is still UK’s most successful politician

Boris Johnson has done it again!  A poll from Sunday Mirror/Independent on Sunday @ComResPolls may have come up with some wildly original placings, but one point is indisputable. The question was who do you regard most favourably? Boris Johnson is firmly at the top, the only politician in the entire country with a positive approval rating.borisfunny6It’s been a dodgy period for Boris after the Great Water Cannon Stitchup (Londoners wanted them and the PM authorised them, but nobody told Theresa May) and a fracas with cabbies (desperately upset at being called Luddites.  TfL has accepted the regs. of LTDA for PH vehicles, High Court decision soon, so this may yet work out.)borispoll4Boris has a guardian angel though.  Politicians all have difficult patches, and Boris is no exception, but he is Teflon coated.  He did not mean to upset the cabbies.  He was just telling the truth as he sees it like Boris does. Crush him and he will rise up more powerful.  Once again, he has managed it.

1st Oct., 2015. Ipso Mori poll shows twice as many people would vote Tory with Boris as leader than if George Osborne were leader. For some bizarre reason,  George is the choice of the party faithful, by a few points over Boris.

One response to “Boris is still UK’s most successful politician

  1. Anyone backing George Osborne over Boris should take note. George is last with Corbyn.

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