The LTDA in trade paper TAXI urges Boris to stand firm

The popular trade paper TAXI spoke out this week in support of Boris Johnson’s handling of the black cab trade.   STAND FIRM BORIS blazoned the headline!boriscabbiesWelcome support for our Mayor was provided by Steve McNamara, the LTDA General Secretary this week.

TAXI reported:  The trade’s united response to Transport for London’s (TfL) consultation on the private hire regulations was clear and concise. All of our proposed regulatory changes are sensible, workable, practical and formulated with the intention of ensuring the safety of minicab passengers and Londoners in general.The initial response from TfL has been positive, and all of our suggestions have been included in the discussion document containing the changes that TfL is minded to consult on.”

So things are moving, it is not that TfL is ignoring the worries of the black cab industry.  There must be no dilution of the private hire regulation proposals said Steve. 

He urges Boris to stand firm, and ignore outside attempts to dilute regulations that are vital to the safety of the industry.  Unfortunately, things got overheated on the 16th, but to an outside observer, the situation is  looking up.  These regulations are in the pipeline!  And secondly the High Court decision is imminent at the beginning of October.

In fairness to cabbies, TfL needs to buck up when dealing with licences, drivers are waiting too long for their renewals.   They have mortgages and bills to pay!  But albeit slowly, things are moving in the right direction.   One day, all this upset might be a distant memory, and that day cannot come soon enough.

5 responses to “The LTDA in trade paper TAXI urges Boris to stand firm

  1. Agree with Dave nice article. Looks like I got it wrong when I said no one got assaulted. I apologise & hope I did not offend you, it was wrong of me.

  2. Everyone wants this to work out.

  3. Nicest post you’ve wrote about us,, Thanks

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