From the expressions of Dave and George, Corbyn shouldn’t get too comfortable

The PM told the Tories to cut out the jibes against Jeremy Corbyn at PM Question Time yesterday, , so in response to instructions from their whips, the Tories were funereal at the sight of him. One wonders how many more jobs Corbyn can delegate. Instead of thinking up his own questions, the Labour leader was forced to rely on the ideas of ordinary people called Maria and Angela, all a bit reminiscent of Ed Miliband, meeting Gareth on Hampstead Heath. davegeorgecorbynNothing could have been more graceful than the way David Cameron welcomed Mr. Corbyn to the House, and his replies, flanked by a politely attentive Chancellor, were courtesy personified.  And yet…..

A closer examination of the expressions of our PM and George should have set alarm bells ringing.   There is a  sympathetic, but faintly pitying look on the face of David Cameron.  A slight enigmatic smile graces the lips of our Chancellor, but look at his eyes.  His fixed gaze resembles a killer shark, about to gobble up a turtle stuck in the mud.

I wonder what they have in mind. haha.

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