Militant cabbies act like yobs, attack 5 security guards, and are thrown out of City Hall

Militant black cab drivers went beserk at Mayor’s Question Time at City Hall today, exploding in a wave of foul mouthed rants and violence.  They started shouting and heckling Boris before he even mentioned anything to do with black cabs, and the language around me was just awful.boriscityhall2Never one to suffer in silence, Boris used the word “Luddite”.  This is not a term of abuse.  The Urban dictionary definition is:

“1. One who fears technology (or new technology, as they seem pleased with how things currently are…why can’t everything just be the same?)

This is nothing but the truth, and not an insult.   Some cabbies though were spoiling for a fight and erupted into further abuse, and later violence. They took huge exception to Tony Arbour, who was acting chairman.  Mr. Arbour said “It’s time these people should be removed”  and the cabbies went beserk, barking like junkyard dogs.  Five City Hall security guards were attacked and hurt, (punched or pushed) and one was knocked out.

Ninety-five percent of black cab drivers are lovely people, reasonable and civilised, who realise, in my opinion, that Boris’s hands are tied over Uber by a goverment intervention. The decision of the High Court is due at the beginning of the October.

Anyone of any sense would wait for that decision, not behave like drunken yobs at a brewery pissup.

SKY News reported: Footage of the meeting showed Mr Johnson attempting to answer a question but being shouted down by protesters in the public gallery

Afterwards, Mr Arbour said: “Londoners are very welcome at City Hall’s public meetings, but we can’t tolerate people disrupting proceedings.

“Today, at Mayor’s Question Time, after constant heckles and interruptions, I had no choice but to stop the meeting and ask our guests to leave.

“Not only did they riot inside the building, they beat up several security guards, one was even knocked out and taken to hospital. I hope those responsible can be identified, and have their licenses removed.”

This incident shows that there is a destructive, militant streak in the black cab industry that is badly harming the trade.  Len Duvall tried to dump the blame on the Mayor and failed.  Use of the word “Luddite” is not an insult.  Not a good day for militancy. When I left, at least 30 police had been summoned, some in riot gear.  Footage shows exactly who was to blame for the rioting.

It is good Tony Arbour put his foot down.  Heckling is illegal.  Cabbies have been allowed to get away with it for far too long.  It needs to stop now.

24 responses to “Militant cabbies act like yobs, attack 5 security guards, and are thrown out of City Hall

  1. Appalling behaviour is self defeating. They are killing of their own trade, who wants to get in cabs of men like these?

  2. As per usual, you excel yourself in continuing to lie and spin the truth in your ongoing quest to undermine Taxi Drivers in their struggle with a corrupt and inept Mayor. If their behaviour was so mindless and violent, why no arrests? Not a single person was detained, despite a large Police presence. The ONE injured Security Guard fell over as he walked backwards in the lobby. There was no physical contact with anybody. I know, because I was there. You meanwhile were apparently in the Public Gallery at the time, involved in arguing and name calling with a number of Drivers as you became more enraged by what you perceived to be an attack in your beloved Bozo.
    Johnson orchestrated the whole incident. The term ‘Luddite’ was used by him in a derogatory way, purposely. He must have known that by using such language he’d elicite a response which would allow him to bail out of the meeting prematurely.
    By lying and exaggerating today’s events you really have shown yourself to be nothing but dishonest and/or delusional. Yes the meeting was punctuated with heckling, but there wasn’t a riot, Cabbies did not bark like ‘junk yard dogs’ and there was only one, accidental injury.

    • London Tonight says FIVE security guards punched or pushed, one was knocked out.

    • Jenny, you shouldn’t take things so personally Nothing is meant personally, we all do what we have to do. You get yourself all upset, it is not meant as you are taking it. I feel no animosity to anyone. If people say awful things to me, best to laugh.

    • Also, you were the first person to talk to me and be friendly to me at City Hall, thought that was really nice at the time.

  3. My info. comes from BBC and SKY News. Check links. . Take care Jenny.

  4. Please don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!

    • Sorry Arnold, fact.

      • Sorry angel, untruths…You appear to see things through misty eyes.
        were you at the same city hall as I was or were you away on a day trip?

      • I was standing at the back, then I got a seat and sat down, but it was stopped 10 minutes later. Cabbies out for blood, they were screaming and shouting at Boris and he had hardly opened his mouth. Heckling is against the rules, Cab drivers have been allowe3d to get away with it for too long.

    • Am afraid I believe SKY, BBC and London Tonight, they are impartial.

  5. As I mentioned to you on Twitter I want to see these videos of the security staff being beat up as Tony Arbour puts it. You’ve put it out there we were violent & I would imagine City Hall must be riddled with CCTV, so this is your chance to prove us wrong.

    For me if anyone punched a security stuff then they deserve to lose their badge, but to be honest with you I know you will not find one. Funny that.

    • The reports came from the police, some of who were in riot gear. The police reported five security guard were either punched or manhandled, and one poor man was knocked out. As an independent blogger, I have no access to CCTV, suggest you speak to the police. I’m not able to provide you with proof, contact the Met.

  6. Five City Hall security guards were attacked and hurt, (punched or pushed) and one was knocked out.
    Total and utter lies, The man fell backwards, nobody was hit or struck by anyboby.

    Am afraid I believe SKY, BBC and London Tonight, they are impartial.

    They were only going on the press feed the mayors office sends out, And Boris We all now know is a liar and a cheat,

    Impartial , nothing could be further from the truth.

    You have an agenda to push when it comes to us, the cabbies
    on one hand blood thirsty and yet on the other an uneasy praise.

  7. As someone who was there, I can say in all honesty, unlike Boris Johnson, that the news reports were wrong! They weren’t there and were obviously going on the press feed from the Mayor’s office, Boris deliberately set out to end the meeting early by insulting the taxi drivers. I bet he went through a Thesaurus at breakfast trying to find what he thought would be the best put-down!

    • I was also there. The cabbies were screaming and abusing the Mayor right from the start. Boris was good humoured and polite throughout, there is nothing wrong with the word Luddite. Luddites were people who opposed modern technology, and wanted things to stay the same. That is the attitude of many cab drivers.

      The abuse was all from the cabbies, who asked me why I was there, and then started abusing me. There is no excuse for how these people, nor than they attacked security guards. The way they are trying to blame the Mayor shows the sort of people they are, cowards.

    • There is a video of some of the violence here. Six pictures of the men wanted by police. One arrest so far, one man went voluntarily to police station.

      Hopefully more arrests soon.

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  9. So any CCTV of videos found of these violent attacks yet? Anyone can make up reports to say they were assaulted & give them to the police. All 25,000 if us cab drivers can go to the police tonight & say we were mugged & police would have to record it. Does this make it true/fact?

    As I said there is not one bit of video evidence of violence where five people were assaulted in a place where CCTV is everywhere. Dont you think thats strange? Is it because you yourself have a hidden agenda or is it because you were hurt because people were saying bad things about Boris? Personally I feel its both.

    So please please show us this video evidence in one of the most guarded buildings in the UK. I’ve got a feeling a be waiting a very long time …

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