If anyone is a poverty denier, it is Corbyn himself

At the Trade Union Congress today, Jeremy Corbyn called Tories “poverty deniers”  That’s rich, coming from him!jeremycorbyn4The Daily Mirror reported:  “The new leader delivered a stinging criticism of David Cameron to the TUC and said 30,000 people have joined Labour since his win on Saturday.  Taking the fight to the Tories, he said it was rich of the Government to call Labour the “deficit deniers” while also giving tax cuts to millionaires.”

Out of the mouths of fools!   Corbyn was in the process of backing strikes, and attacking the Trade Union Bill. The purpose of this bill is to protect those who suffer appallingly from frivolous strkes, like  those called by the RMT.  For years, Boris Johnson has battled for fairness for these people, thank God someone has!

If anyone is a poverty denier, it is you Jeremy, you idiot! You support unionists who have pensions and job security.  The people they are hurting have neither of those things, and are worried out of their minds when they have to lose a day’s pay, a fact you conveniently ignore.  Strikes can be the ruin of small businesses.  You are in denial about the suffering caused by strikes. or even agree with heartless union members that “hurting people is the point!”  You are the poverty denier, Jeremy, live with that!

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