Gurning Alan Johnson and his lefty pals a disgrace as they ignore the rights of the needy

Did gurning Alan Johnson and his grinning pals have any idea how despicable they looked, as they hypocritically jeered at the Trade Union bill today?  Their concern was all for the rights of the unionists.  The rights of workers, small businesses and retail crippled by strikes didn’t get a look in.alanjohnsonNo wonder Labour was beaten out of sight in the recent general election. A 50% voting threshold is designed to prevent undue influence of a small, militant minority.  As things stand, millions are made to suffer by a handful of strikers.  Strikes are costing London £300 million a day. This cannot be right.  The massive disruption caused by recent RMT strikes was completely ignored by Alan Johnson as he smirked his way through his laborious recital, laced with hammy jokes.

Why strike votes are not the same as voting in an election

In an election, everyone affected by the election, has the right to vote.  Often, many candidates are standing in the election, so a 35% result is a good win.  In a strike vote, millions are made to suffer by the strike, who have no say!

The general public suffer badly, financially and because they struggle to get to work. Small business can crack under the strain!  the retail industry suffers, losing millions.  One day of strikes can cost London £300 million   This is not right.

Labour’s much vaunted “caring” is selective.  It only extends to Labour voters and unionists.  The principle purpose of this legislation is to protect workers who suffer badly during strikes.  It is disgusting that Labour members are not concerned about this.  Angela Eagle waffled on interminably,  showing a lamentable grasp of the subject. The narrow focus of the Labour party, (Labour voters and union members)  is part of the reason they are such a disaster in recent polls.

It is not the role of any Mayor of London to meet with unions during strike negotiations. Ken Livingstone did so only once.  Londoners are solidly behind Boris Johnson on this, ( 53% in latest poll) another fact ignored by Labour who claimed to speak for democracy.  This support is London’s acknowledgement of how hard their Mayor has fought for them.

If trade union leaders are so sure that they command the support of their members in their negotiations for a better deal for workers, then they have nothing to fear from this legislation.

The right to strike is a fundamental tool in the battle of better wages, but the ability for everyone else not to be the innocent victims of someone else’s war is also something that needs defending.

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