Boris’s hair? Is it natural?

Jealous rivals have been circulating nasty rumours about the Mayor, the worst one being that he dyes his hair. A famous stylist was trotted out to swear that he could tell that Boris’s ash blonde locks are dyed, not sun kissed!boriscricket6The hot sun bleaches the colour out of fine blonde hair, so it looks even blonder in summer.  The above pic. shows Boris looking positively Scandinavian at a cricket match in Maidstone, Kent, where he was top scorer against bowlers such as Courtney Walsh.

Such extreme blondeness is inherited from a Circassian slave, who had a Turkish master, on his father’s side,  as is the Mayor’s Muslim blood.

The Sun tracked down Boris’s barber, and you can bet the Turkish barber at The Bay Room, near the Angel, has been given the third degree by the media as to exactly what treatments the Mayor requires to maintain one of the most famous blonde mops in the world.

So here it is!   Boris’s hair grows so quickly, he has to have it cut every two to three weeks, and he often has hot towels,  a head massage and a Turkish beer.  Sorry to disappoint you fellas, not a drop of bleach!

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