Is Ed Miliband the most disastrous Labour leader in history?

It didn’t get off to a good start, did it?   Ed Miliband nicked the Labour leadership from under his brother David’s nose, laying himself open to non-stop accusations that he had stabbed the Labour heir apparent in the back.   The ensuing drama and family split was worse than Cain and Abel.edbeardA raft of policies that were discounted almost as soon as they came out of his mouth, the Mansion tax, no EU referendum, freezing gas and electricity prices and improving the NHS, were met with widespread scepticism.

His economic policy was so awful, the City refused to work with him,  so much so that once, in a Budget speech,  he totally forgot to mention it.

On the plus side, his self belief remained firmly entrenched. His arrogance and condescending expression, although they did little to endear him to the public, did impress naifs like Russell Brand, the Guardian and the Daily Mirror.   He was actually considered a possible winner and was writing his victory speech when the awful news hit that he had blown the General Election.

Even worse was to come. Ed had changed the rules for voting for Labour leader to include trade unionists and anyone who paid £3.   The fallout tore the party in two and let in Trotsky nutcase Jeremy Corbyn.

As soon as the election result hit the Labour party, instead of staying to ease in a new leader, Ed finally got a decision right.  He did a bunk, took two holidays and then as the fallout went nuclear, bogged off to Australia.

A recent photo showed him looking oddly relaxed and cheerful.   When you’ve split your family in two, lost the election and ruined the next 20 years for your party, you become a sort of cult figure, what’s not to like?  And look at it this way.  If you have the chutzpah to con your way into the Labour leadership when you are totally unsuitable, you are obviously a bullshit artist of impressive ability.   Who knows what fresh opportunities await you elsewhere?

5 responses to “Is Ed Miliband the most disastrous Labour leader in history?

  1. Has anyone created more mayhem than Ed Miliband? Absolute fiasco!

  2. Cain has only been “male”(sic), since the development of the Iron Age – roughly 3000 years ago. Before the iron-tipped plough-share, the “tiller of the earth” was definitely a woman!

    • Really! that’s interesting. What courses have you done to know all the unusual things you know? #intriguing
      ps. I’m back on #twitter Leon! #happy

      • After reading Orwell’s “The Lion and the Unicorn”, (September 1940, I posess a first edition!), I became a, relatively late, communicant of the CofE. There’s a whole Albert Memorial of stuff you can bone up on lol

      • That’s really good Leon. I respect that.

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