Labour has destroyed social mobility, says Tony Parson in The Sun

A brilliant article in the Sun today,  by Tony Parsons,  who lays the death of social mobility at Labour’s door.   Once, it didn’t matter how humble your beginnings, you could make it to No. 10.  Now “second rate poshos” rule the roost. borisselfie59Parsons says:  “If you were lucky enough to be born in Britain, you could make it all the way to 10 Downing Street.

And it didn’t matter if your father was a shopkeeper (Margaret Thatcher). Or if your dad was a carpenter and your mother a maid (Ted Heath). Or even if dad sold garden gnomes (John Major).

You could be born anywhere in the land and still grow up to lead it. And you certainly did not need a private education.

Thatcher, Major and Heath — like Labour Prime Ministers James Callaghan and Harold Wilson — were all educated at state schools. And they all rose through British society like rockets. ”

What went wrong?  Labour got rid of the grammar schools. It was the Labour Party who ripped the ladder to social equality from under the feet of the less well off.

And they are still doing it. Boris lobbied the Labour government that all subjects  should be available to all kids whatever background they came from.  This is vital for an equal society.  It was Ed Balls who said No,   to the absolute fury of our Mayor.   This article in the Daily Telegraph describes Boris’s feelings.

When Boris gave the 10th Memorial Stephen Lawrence lecture, he described how he met a young African girl in a supermarket.  She had been so inspired by his passionate love of the Classics, she told him she had studied Latin and was about to take up a place in Edinburgh University to study the subject.

Boris said this was the proudest moment of his life as a human being.

Labour are so ignorant and wrong.  Sure, Gordon threw money at education!  The net result was literacy fell in the UK from 7th in the world to 26th!

It isn’t right to talk about social justice as Labour do, while murdering equality while you do it.  Boris fights for social equality, it is vital, and we need to put back what Labour has stolen from those who need it most.

Note:  Although Tony Parson is broadly right – the Tories have always supported selective education, while Labour do not – it is not only Labour who closed grammar schools.  Between 1971 and 1978, 650 grammar schools were closed, that is 4 years of Tory and 4 years of Labour government. Overall though, Tory members and Tory voters still support grammar schools, while Labur do not.

One response to “Labour has destroyed social mobility, says Tony Parson in The Sun

  1. Once again, Labour’s chickens come home to roost. Dumping the grammar schools a huge mistake, they wrecked social mobility, just one of the things they wrecked in office.

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