No U turn! Daily Express muddle up meaning of “Europe” and “the EU”

The idiocy of the Daily Express continues apace!  The paper has never been particularly bothered about accuracy when working on a good hatchet job, but they have surpassed themselves in stupidity this time . Breitbart also got it totally wrong. borisbedhead6Boris Johnson was discussing the geographical position of the UK, and commented logically, that geographically we can never leave Europe.  Boris said: ” “Look, we can’t leave Europe. We’re part of the European Continent. What is the English Channel? It’s a primeval river that got slightly too big… We’re always going to be a part of Europe psychologically.” 

What could be clearer?  Boris quite rightly is talking about the physical situation of the UK and the ensuing psychological implications.

He could hardly have been clearer.  Tripping over themselves to accuse him of a flipflop, the Express chose, quite wrongly,  to interpret this that Boris was doing a U turn over the EU. In the rest of the article, Boris emphasises the advantages of leaving the EU.

Boris is continually being misquoted by people either too stupid or too lazy to read his articles and speeches properly, but we expect better from a national newspaper.   The newspaper has been revealed again as not only inaccurate but appallingly ignorant.  If the mistake was deliberate, they are both dishonourable and unethical.  Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and conclude they are merely stupid.

Update:  In the Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson sets the people straight who slagged him off sayng he has performed a U turn when truth was they didn’t understand his article.

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