Jeremy Corbyn puts fat cat unionists before the poor and needy


Compassion, honesty and hope! trumpets the Morning Star about Jeremy Corbyn, “a vision of Labour that ordinary people yearn for.” What could be better, the perfect antidote to the toxic smear campaigns and selfishness of New Labour and Blairism.

The Star goes on “Read any Corbyn speech, hear him at any public appearance. In his gentle manner he has been making arguments about renationalising the railways, protecting public-sector pay, arguing for a living wage, then reached out and put an arm around the vulnerable and spoken about compassion.”

The Labour front runner received the surprise backing of Boris Johnson who said the Tories would be “very complacent” to write him off as a total throwback to the 1970s.

“ One Nation Tories should pay attention because some of the things he is talking about, some of the analysis is not wholly wrong.”  said the Mayor.  Boris said while Corbyn’s solutions “are completely wrong”, ” it would be “very complacent and wrong to ignore the truth of some of the observations he is making about ways in which society should be better”.

But Corbyn backs the RMT strikes, and here is where his halo drops off.  His attitude to the suffering of the poorest in the city during the strikes is downright callous. RMT tube drivers are hardly destitute.  But Corbyn prefers to put their demands above the hurt done to the most vulnerable people in London. RMT bosses are filthy rich, true champagne socialists.  But Corbyn panders to these people, rather than care about the millions who suffer as the RMT brings the city to a standstill.

The last RMT strike cost London £300M.  Quadruple that if the RMT strike lasts for 4  days. Many small businesses cannot survive a 4 day strike and millions will lose pay because they can’t get to work, or even their jobs, if  firms go bust.

So the great, the all encompassing compassion of Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t in fact extend very far.  Unlike Boris Johnson who has successfully campaigned for a Living Wage for everyone, and whose fight for social justice makes no exceptions, ,  Jeremy’s compassion is only  for Labour voters.  For example, a primary objective is to protect “public sector pay” only.  Once again, the private sector can go hang.

The union leaders, who are loaded,  get his full support. So Corbyn’s compassion is primarily not for the most needy, but for the most lefty.

In the parable of Jesus feeding the multitudes,  with five loaves and two fishes,  John 6, 5-14, Jesus didn’t say “The Tories have to go at the back of the queue”.   When raising Lazurus from the dead, John 11. 1-44  Jesus didn’t say ” First of all, is this man a union member?”    And so on.

Love and compassion are meant to be universal, not doled out on the condition  that someone votes the same as you.  Genuine love means loving your enemy as much, or even more, than yourself.  He’s a big fat con.  Sadly Corbyn’s love and compassion are just as selectively selfish as nepotism,  cronyism and jobs for the boys.

UPDATE.  Today Corbyn called Tories “poverty deniers”.  Corbyn backs strikes and unionists, while totally ignoring the suffering of the poor hurt by these strikes.  If anyone is a poverty denier, it is him!

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