Throughout his career, Boris has passionately fought for social justice – look at his record!

We should judge politicians for what they achieve, not for what they say.  Boris has the best record for social justice in Parliament.   

Throughout his Mayoralty,  Boris Johnson has fought ferociously to improve equality and social justice.  Some of the issues he has contested and some of his achievements are below:

  1. Boris opposed the legal aid proposals of Ken Clarke. Boris feared these could affect victims of domestic violence Details here. Rape crisis centres have quadrupled under Boris Johnson.
  2. In March, Boris awarded £5million funding to Victim Support for victims of domestic violence.
  3. There was huge groundswell support for Boris’s opposition to disability cuts.  His objections were praised by disability campaigners.    Details here.
  4. Boris has effected significant improvements in pay equality within City Hall and the wider family of organisations he oversees.
  5. Boris backed Labour over the council homes for life row.
  6. A passionate believer in equality of opportunity regarding education, Boris was deeply upset that this was thrown out by the Labour government.  Ed Balls refusal to take the class out of the classics nearly made Boris weep with rage.
  7. In 2010, Boris toured every junior school, inspiring kids, and urging them to “grab your opportunities,  work hard!” A touching response from the children showed this was not time spent in vain.
  8. Boris has fought for equality of race, colour and creed. This cannot be said of the previous Labour Mayor,  who played divide and rule with the Jewish and gay communities and the Muslim vote.  The Times expressed its outrage here.
  9. Boris has pioneered initiatives, such as free hot breakfasts in the fifty poorest schools, and also the great
  10. social supermarkets, containing top quality food donated by the major supermarket chains at rock bottom prices.
  11. As Foreign Secretary,  Boris has appointed a special envoy for women’s rights, Joanna Draper.  One of Joanna’s main responsibilities is to start making sure 61 million little girls who would never go to school get that chance.
  12. Boris vigorously opposed Osborne and Cameron’s  support for Uber.  He wanted to cap PHVs and make then comply with regulations.  His refusal to compromise on this issue caused Osborne to take PHVs away from Boris and handle it himself by invoking the Secretary of State. Boris did not betray the party leadership, taking the blame from black cab drivers, as well as Osbo and Cameron until the truth came out.
  13. Boris Johnson risked everything to fight for the rights of ordinary people and was the major factor in winning Brexit. This means he fought for British Law to be the primary law in our country, not EU law.  He has made sure British sovereignty will be restored.  Our direct involvement as ordinary people in government is a precious gift that will be returned to us. We will again directly we able to  vote out our law makers.   Finally control of our own affairs, including doing our own trade deals will be returned to us.

Boris Johnson’s Margaret Thatcher Lecture was initially, probably deliberately, misunderstood and vilified by the left.  Truth eventually prevailed.

Anyone who reads what Boris actually said would find out immediately that far from saying “Greed is Good”, the version flooding the internet via the Guardian and the Daily Mirror, he said the opposite, he made a point of  saying greed wasn’t good and he hoped an economic revival wouldn’t see a return of the Loadsamoney flash harries and we should show compassion. He quotes Lady Thatcher, who spoke about the need for giving and cited the parable of the Good Samaritan.

As the Economist pointed out, Boris is rarely inconvenienced by fallout. The Economist said:  “It was a good speech. Blending his usual ribald good humour, high-wire metaphors and thunderous optimism, the mayor took a tour of some of Britain’s biggest problems, from rotten infrastructure to slowing social mobility, and presumed to say how the recently deceased Tory prime minister would have managed them.” Society should spread opportunity to those who can compete, said Boris, and help those who because they have low IQ’s,  cannot.  He was making a plea for more social mobility, a solid analysis, said the Economist.

The Spectator comments on Boris’s “blue collar Tory manifesto”  in his speech to the CSJ Think Tank.  The actual speech is here.

Yesterday, Boris said Jeremy Corbyn was right to highlight the issues of low pay and inequality, but his solutions are wrong.  The right solutions are demonstrated by Boris’s record.

Today Sainsburys publicised the highest wage increase for staff in its history, 4%, putting wages above the London Living Wage.  Good to know Boris’s message is getting through.

Boris Johnson’s biggest fight for social justice has been to refuse a Cabinet post in David Cameron’s government,  so that he can fight for Brexit, so Britain can leave the EU.   Leave is in the lead in the latest two polls and Sir Lynton Crosby has said they will win.

Update: as Foreign Secretary,  with a role to promote Brexit,  Boris has continued, with stalwart David Davis, to  fight for the rights of ordinary people to the detriment of his own career.  May is a Remainer, and behind the scenes, has not been a help to Brexit.


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  7. Leon, it is total hypocrisy to deny that there are differing levels of IQ. Any scientist would tell you that is true. I don’t find anything funny in that, and struggle to understand why you do, but it is fact.

  8. Perhaps, ” because they have low IQ’s”, they should not! lol

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